using peerless crafting

DB please please allow people to use peerless items in crafting if they so choose.. after all we have spent the time getting items for crafting a warlock, harnessed dragonfire etc... for it only to turn out peerless.. which is hardly our fault... be fantastic if we had a pop up screen warning people "would you like to use peerless item in crafting" give us the choice at least!!! :)


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  • NNNN ✭✭✭
    only certain crafts currently allow the use of any perless items, the vast majority of crafts don't.
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    It is my experience that only ingredients that were already peerless can be used in recipes. Any that were made peerless by affixes are unusable in recipes. The same seems to be true of AvA camp and boss challenge contributions.
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    I think thats the way it goes aswell but I wasn't sure. The way the game treats non peerless items that end up peerless is to kind of ???? idk how to phrase it ????, but they don't show in inventory counts, nor the shop sell menu in the "own" count, its not even as if those things and crafts register that you have the item but wont let you use it.
  • if you make a harnessed dragonfire & it turns peerless.. far as i know this CANT be used for a purified dragonsblood... so all im saying .. we made it.. got items.. we should have the choice too use it..or not.. :)
  • NNNN ✭✭✭
    I know and I agree with you, it would also eliminate tickets from people looking to have the peerless version replaced with the normal version.
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