Hand AvA Phase Results (Updated September 17)

NOTE: This post was updated Monday, Sept 17 to correct the Superlative winner for Dorne. Our apologies to MM for the error and inconvenience.

Greetings Bannermen!

The time has come to review the results for the Hand AvA Phase. To start, here are the regional first and second rank winners.


We thought a couple of regions deserved a closer look. First, in The North, The Original Sin and The Last Dragon Riders appeared locked in mortal combat throughout the first half of the phase, with The Original Sin, at last pulling ahead to win first rank.


In Westerlands, it was over the second rank that two Alliances were locked in competition for supremacy. In the end, however, From the Ashes was able to best Dontos for the Iron Throne.


Finally, in Dorne, we want to doff our helm to both From the Ashes and to Winter is Coming Alliance. The former for managing to stay ahead throughout the entire phase, and the latter for their unwavering pursuit.


The Hand Phase Superlative winners are below, followed by the Domination Superlative winner. Congratulations to all participating Alliances!



Victory Points Heat Map and Harmful & Helpful Actions

The actions heat map provides a look at the regional rankings of the top-twenty Alliances in terms of VP. The light and dark green highlights indicate the first and second rank winners, respectively.


The Harmful and Helpful actions tables offers a look at who targeted who among the top-ranked Alliances in the Hand phase, and provide a hint of the Alliance-to-Alliance strategies.


Most Actions Across Westeros

While not a Superlative this phase, we decided to take a look at the total actions per participant in Hand for Alliances with a minimum of 5, 25 and 50 phase players. To do this, we counted the total successful and unsuccessful actions for each Alliance in all regions, and divided by the number of participants. The results are below.


Sworn Swords Killed

As you know, the Riverlands Superlative counted the number of Sworn Swords killed per participant by each Alliance (with a minimum of 5 participants). We like this Superlative because it is a great measure of the deadliness of each Alliance.

In Riverlands, the honor went to Snow Patrol, who handedly won with 518 kills per participant. Kudos to them! Out of curiosity, and for your pleasure, our data maesters put together a list of the top killer Alliances in the rest of Westeros.


Well done to all the participants of the Hand AvA phase. The next phase will be Raider, which will start Friday, September 28. See you then!


  • It is about time you actually looked into what happened in the hand phase and not just pluck some random figures and post them. To be quite honest we would be better off without these inept reviews. Just paste the regional data and results if you must but it doesn't seem you take the time to analyze much at all.
  • No mention about the issues with the game?? Might be worth reading this thread 😊 https://forum.disruptorbeam.com/gota/discussion/11134/hand-ava-phase-issues-feedback#latest
  • Somebody should proof these before they are released. The real winner of the sabo super in Dorne would probably like to see their name in lights, not the Wildfire winner, which was my alliance.
  • DutcherDutcher ✭✭✭
    edited September 15
    It is not as bad as last time. I see a little progress (if I use a microscope).
    By the way, the graphs are killing my browser and graphics card. Ease up on the picture megs please.
    Colors don’t make the information any more useful. And nice catch Whalen, very graceful of you.
    Kinda s....s for the actual winners of that super, I believe it’s MM..
    Arya Serious? If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!
  • Well, it doesn't look like it's going to be fixed, can we have the title then too? :D
  • Nobody knows the ins and outs in of an AvA phase unless they live and breathe GoTA for 4 days straight, including many conversations with alliance leaders.

    Stats don’t tell the true picture at all, but it’s good to see them to inspire some debate and discussion. They didn’t do it at all a while ago, so this is better than nothing.

    Other than the Pyramid, why don’t more people try writing their reviews of the phase?
  • JHoe, on his comment in the pyramid, wrote a very good one. Fell asleep a couple times reading it, due to its wordiness, but he nailed it.
  • DutcherDutcher ✭✭✭
    ^^ My draft here said exactly that, but I fell asleep writing it :)
    Arya Serious? If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!
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