Raider Phase Issues & Feedback


This thread is for all feedback and issues relating to the upcoming Raider AvA Phase. This thread will be used to collect your feedback and to communicate to the community in the event of technical issues, as required.

Please note: The button may be up and live in the game so when the time comes, everyone won’t need to restart but AvA will not be live in the game until the start time. Thank you.

Description: After I first logged in, I went to the AvA regions and no camps were there. I restarted the game, but they still didn’t show up in AvA.
Here’s how you can test it:

Reproduction steps:
1. Head into the game.
2. Click on the AvA button on the top-right.
4. Head to a region.
5. Look for any camp icons.
6. Note that no camp icons are there.

Expected: I am able to see camps in AvA.
Actual: I cannot see camps in AvA.

1. Explain what you were doing when you had the problem or saw the opportunity for a suggestion.
2. Detail how you would like it changed and explain why.
3. Be respectful and give as much information and reasoning as possible.
4. Include screenshots or specifics when relevant.

Please keep all posts as respectful as you can so we can help to deliver the best AvA experience possible.



  • camps are stuck we have a camp that is stuck on lvl 3.. but its taken items upto lvl Westerlands.. other regions seem ok.. can someone sort this out ASAP!!
  • DB get your **tsk tsk** right. First some camps stuck at 0. Now that you fixed that others are stuck in between. They are properly queued but won't upgrade


  • And thanks for the kindergarten auto edit of my post ...
  • NNNN ✭✭✭
    Well use kindergarten words like poo or poo poo.
    I wonder is prostitute censored, there is after all that bavosi pros titute companion in the game.

    But yes let me not distract from the issues at hand.....seriously db how many months/phases does it need to work out how to get ava to run smoothly? Litterally once its programmed properly all you have to do is change the names and images of the titles, spoils, and phase name, that's simple stuff that shouldn't cause any issues or unwanted changes.
  • Merry Knights of Weirwood Forest is also seeing the issue. The North - Neck camp is queued to level 10, but upgrading and timer has stopped at level 7. This shows the same for other members of Merry Knights as well, so not just my screen needing to be refreshed.


    Zhavorsa Khaleesi of the Merry Knights of Weirwood Forest
  • Darren C BirdDarren C Bird ✭✭✭
    edited September 28
    results pending & pending & pending is an ACTUAL reply "pending " also... phase after phase people put up with this endless rubbish!! about time you sorted AVA for good !!
  • The Bite : stuck at level 9.
    Eastern road : stuck at level 8.
    The Eyrie : not yet (maybe in 30 minutes).
  • Reach>Oldtown stuck at level 9. Any status updates, since this seems to have been an issue from launch? It may not be much, but the VP lost in levels not upgraded is enough to be irritating.
  • Just Got Hand Spoil was getting Raider
    Playing from The Reach - Oldtown
  • NNNN ✭✭✭
    :D :D :D :D. Even wrong spoils, oh this phase is probably the most interesting one so far.
  • DazaDaza
    edited September 29
    Blackfish rises is experiencing BOTH issues-- Hand spoils being given instead of Raider spoils and our Blue Fork camp is stuck at 12 despite being queued to level 15 in the Riverlands. The Red Fork camp appeared to be upgrading to level 13 but at the end of the timer, simply stayed at level 12 and timer stopped despite being queued to 14. Spoils issue seems to be intermittent.
  • Camps built in target region. not upgrading. Please reset.
  • DutcherDutcher ✭✭✭
    *Camps not upgrading seems to be a widespread issue for many. We had 10 camps stuck at one point but all cleared now.
    *Results pending and cut waves (46 ss in log instead of 200): To be expected I guess but still enormously annoying.
    *Hand spoils instead of Raider spoils... also yep. Weird one DB but I appreciate the humor of this bug. You're getting more creative at least. What else can be messed up this phase? Dying to see....
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  • About an hour and a half ago, I sent my first wave. The entire time, I had results pending. I have had no rewards or VP recorded. Ready to quit.
  • I am not only getting Raider phase spoils, but also Hand phase spoils.
  • Mostly Unheard Mutterings is having the upgrade stuck problem in Dorne Deep Sands. We had our other two Dorne camps stuck at Lv0 for the first 30 minutes of AvA, then it corrected its self.
  • Hear me roar battle camp in the westerlands is stalled at lv 14 but queued to 16 ! Can you fix this ASAP PLEASE ?
  • WOW I am impressed !
  • NNNN ✭✭✭
    Your going to have to elaborate more on that, did "they fix it" and your inpressed they did it so fast? Or are you impressed as to whats been going on?.

    P.S its in quotes because they didn't actually fix does one even consistently break something that only needs to be put together correctly once :D :D :D :D :D :D I swear db be cracking me up.
  • On top of all the rest now I cannot garrisons any SS either
  • NN within a few ours took off ….
  • The daily chart says 25 min in the westerlands ! should it not be min 5 ? Feed back PLEASE
  • Hear Me Roar battle camp in the westerlands is now stalled on lv 18 but queued to lv 20 ! Please help !!ty
  • So now its 10:43 and my camp is stalled at lv 18 queued to 20 ! Time is money and the man is turning angry ! Yes this is addressed to the folks that literally sell time in speed up that I used to get queued to lv 20 ! Not to mention the points we are missing out on ! COME ON.....
  • 2 days and 11 hours to go. Still getting Hand spoils instead of Raider's spoils and now we have one camp stuck on level 16 while queued up to level 18...

    Is the reason behind giving us Hand spoils a subtle hint that somebody needs a hand fixing things? Because clearly things haven't improved since the issues have been reported...
  • Another camp stuck. Reach ocean road. Stuck at level 17, queued to 20. FnB'. Please, a status of this issue and ETR would be appreciated.
  • AuralysAuralys ✭✭✭
    Alliance: Last Sentinels of the Godswood
    Region: The Vale
    • Camps not upgrading
    • Results stuck on pending
    • Lost VP
    • Lost Spoils
    • Game going down
    • Getting Hand Spoils instead of Raider Spoils
    • VP amount showing one number, upon refresh VP is reduced slightly
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  • Since you lock the superlative threads now... :/ ...I'll have to post this here.

    You listed Westerlands as a 5-min participant superlative and Dorne as a 25-min one, and then when you posted the standings you switched those minimums. So which is even correct? Either the original was right and you gathered the wrong data for the rankings, or you screwed up the original post.
  • NNNN ✭✭✭
    Could also the be correct data but the minimums was put incorrectly @Brimaester see comment above.
  • Not for the first time I have pending results after 27 minutes. 24k VP missing.
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