Honor and Celebrate the Conclusion of GAMES OF THRONES ASCENT - discussion

Hi everyone,

I am creating this thread to discuss the announcement we did today.

This is a sad day for all of us.
These are never easy decisions to make.
Words cannot express how grateful I am for all of you.


  • Thank you for the incredible journey DB. We have made many friends along the way. Hope we will meet on another battlefield one day. ♥
  • I've never had a game "leave " me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Please reconsider.
  • might as well stop playing it now, knowing that it´s going to be shut down just makes me lose motivation. Please reconsider
  • ShanShan admin
    I am sorry everyone, this is not something that is up for reconsideration :(
  • Bit of a strange decision not to go after the final series (12 more months) but guess it’s losing too much money.
    Thanks to Shan, Khatie, Nod etc and of course Jon Radoff.
  • What happened to "we here at Disruptor Beam plan to continue running GOTA as long as you continue to play it"? :(
  • DB. Its not the 1st of April today. Your joke is not too funny
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  • I'm sure the final decision has already been made, but I'm holding out hope a scaled down version of the game could continue to run that wouldn't require as much oversight.
  • I think it would have been the better decision to at least keep it going until the last season of the show aired.

    And even more so, we don't need new content. Keep AVA and tales going, and let us manage ourselves. :P Thats what we did the last years anyways ;)

    I agree on this, give us the framework to run PtP & AvA & let us run it. We don't need any new content.

    If you ready to pay for server's uptime?
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  • We don't need content. Nobody cares about content. We don't even need Tales. We just want AvA.
  • I agree with those saying we don't need new content. Just make it so that we can keep going, and the loyal players will still keep buying gold. I understand it isn't enough to DB anymore since it grew, but is more than enough to just keep the servers up...
  • EinionEinion ✭✭
    Well that **tsk tsk**, however as has been mentioned elsewhere I can't imagine what bonus would be worthwhile to breath life into a game that is going to disappear in 3 months!
  • One thing we didn't account for is probably the largest expense that DB has in operating this game, the licensing fee to HBO for the "Game of Thrones" name. That license is most likely what ran out, and why the game is being shut down instead of scaled back or sold to someone else. No one wants to pay the outlandish fee for the licensing on a game that is already 5 years old.
  • DB blew it years ago when they chose not to put advertisements in the game. The sides of the screen, at least on the PC, were wide open for ads, and I think we would all have tolerated them if it meant keeping the game going. Damn, I just finished my last reincarnation (#81) and was ready to just level up. Now there's no incentive whatsoever to do anything.
  • This is so sad 😞 I wish the game could continue until the GoT finale, so that we could live this final season, too. I wasn’t expecting it to last years and years but at least until the finale or some months after it. This is truly sad 😢 everything feels pointless now.. all this planning and effort.. it feels pointless... thinking of everything that I wanted to achieve and I just needed more time.. now there is no time.. I thought this was supposed to be a game not the cruel life.. I am sorry for the whining.. this just came out too unexpectedly for me.
  • ShanShan admin
    What happened to "we here at Disruptor Beam plan to continue running GOTA as long as you continue to play it"? :(

    Things are subject to change sadly.
  • I cant belive this, these are real bad news.

    Please, reconsider, or keep the game in maintenance mode.
    We don't need content. Nobody cares about content. We don't even need Tales. We just want AvA.

  • What kind of funding would it take to keep the game going ? Can we crowd source to a solution?
  • Yeah I kinda happened to notice that... :sad:
  • Well a huge sigh from me when this came in on twitter. I feel really sad.
    I imagine like others have mentioned, the fee to HBO is probably hefty.
    And I don't want to play walking dead thats for sure.
    So............ on the up the next question is........... have you a new game in the pipeline? .. (in the same style ..BUT NOT on your mobile please)
    We are rushing headlong into the abyss.......................the night is definitely long and most assuredly full of terrors!
  • Are you shutting down "Star Trek Timelines" and "The Walking Dead" as well? Or just GOTA?
  • Lets look) All of DB games is movie related) One of them is diing..... Players are rioting. There are no way to save the business
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