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A lot of friendships have been forged, let's keep in touch!


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    I was waiting for someone to post first, lol. I have meet some incredible friends and players in this addictive Game of Thrones Ascent ( I may need therapy for lack of clicking) I have had a blast in AvA and I am thankful for so many making it a great place to laugh, moan and even forge friendships and great enemies to do battle with. ;) Thanks to all in HQ, SC and Kongregate and the OC for the great ride. ♥♥♥
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    I know my wrists and hands ( am ambidextrous) will get better without the clicking that's for sure! Regarding friends, well there's always the ability to chat with them on whatever message service we won't be quite the same unless DB considers re skinning the base game and coming up with another storyline.

    I will miss the 'b.i.t.c.h-fests' we had with our friends over certain players and their whinge tactic messages sent in game when you engaged with them in AVA and they apparently didn't want you to, (still weird to me as we are not mind readers.) Always a giggle.

    I will miss the blue screen of 'DEATH' when you find your game not responding, and then the chats and moans with friends about who can or cannot get in.
    I will miss the caps messages of ..... 'OMFG I GOT IN''...... and the dash to get in yourselves.

    The sneaking downstairs to send out a foray of SS in AVA at some blasted ungodly hour of the night/morning..why???? why??? lol..but its FUN.

    Stealing the march on some alliance that.s been harassing you all AVA, and because you are in a different time zone just as AVA is ending and they are all in bed, you can slide in and 'get em' Lol.

    This is where I confess that I haven't a blasted clue when I read peoples long posts on numbers, probability concepts yad yada what is that all about?... Now before anyone has a hissy fit about this sentence, its just that I really cant get a grip of that, so just play this game because its fun.
    I might have had more fun of course if I understood those posts! But for those that have taken the time to work things out I salute you...seriously!


    Heading off now to steal the march on someone else before they wake up and discover I stole something or other....................................................................................
    We are rushing headlong into the abyss.......................the night is definitely long and most assuredly full of terrors!
  • It was such a fun game! And it didn’t require me to be on 24/7 like some to compete...unless I wanted to! I have played games that cost a fortune and only the super rich can survive! Don’t play any of them now. Hint hint. Most didn’t survive because they lost their player base. Because losing because you’re poor all day really **tsk tsk**! I’m not rich but not poor either. My point is, I lost a lot of good friends, and a game I spent infinite hours on, I tossed in the trash like it was a piece of garbage. And after awhile, it turned out to be just that. Trash. And the game was fun! Much like this one, but I must say, I had way more fun and enjoyed Gota the most of all I played! I will miss the game and all of you! Thank you for all the time, energy and most importantly, the staff and players!! Which we wouldn’t have had the chance to play without either of them!! Take care all!!

    With love,
    Forked Oucast Rodkar Dayne
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