Aegon Our Faces recruiting is now open.

As of now recruitment to join our Alliance is now open to all for time being.

Aegon Our Faces are recruiting. We are a friendly Alliance and out to have fun.
We are looking for new members who are active and wish to take part in AVA.
We have members who are happy to support new members. We have our own Facebook page that we use to communicate with our members but it is not a must if you don’t wish to use FB.
Please also post in alliance chat to let us know you join.

Also you are welcome to join our FB group where we give orders for ava and other things. Please pm me or my officer Eddard Longsword in alliance chat after you join, to be add to our group. Note FB group is a closed door till you join and ask to be add.

Thank you
Kalia River leader of Aegon Our Face.

Aegon Our Face


  • edited December 2017
    I like to say thank you to the 14 new members that join Aegon Our Faces since I put this post up, so thank you.

    We our still open and you are welcome to join, old and new players. Old members are also welcome back.
  • We our back open to new members that are welcome to join us. Please note we are now looking for them who will be active for AVA. We do not wish members to join us if you don’t want to take part in AVA. New members are welcome to join us, as we will try to help you and teach you the ways of the game but you will have to join in with AVA.
  • Aegon Our Faces would like to thank you all for the fun in game, the fights we had in ava with our enemy's and the fun we had helping our allies and thanks to you to our allies for the help you give us.

    Thank you
    Kalia River leader of Aegon Our Face.
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