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Game Timer New Weirdness

I'm experiencing an oddity with game timers. I know, I know. Someone will say that game timers are not to be trusted, but this is a new phenomena I've never seen before and it seems to popped up since the last AvA.
It occurs for all aspects using timer (outside of AvA sinc I can't test that right now).

What happens is this:
1. I send my SS out on an Adventure, say it lasts for 57 minutes. I come back to send them back out. I usually refresh my browser about 2-3 minutes before they are due to return. I watch the timer count down to zero, then all of a sudden it jumps up to 40-55 seconds. If I try to go into Adventureland before the timer counts down a second time, my SS are NOT back until it finishes the countdown.
2. I set up a resource build in one of my buildings, say it takes 1 32 minutes. I come back about 5 minutes early to collect and restart it, first refreshing. Again, I watch the timer count down to zero, then all of a sudden it jumps up to 40-55 seconds and I cannot collect and restart it until after the timer counts down the second time.
3. I send a SS on a Quest or a Boss Quest and the same thing happens. I come back to the game about 5 minutes early, refresh, watch the timer count down to zero then all of a sudden it jumps up to 40-55 seconds and I cannot do anything with my SS until it counts down a second time.

I have already tried the following:
1. Five different browsers. Vivladi, Chrome, Slepnir, Puffin, and Opera
2. Logged out, then back in.
3. Cleared Cookies and history.
4. Thee different devices. PC and tablet and laptop.
5. Three different operating systems. Windows 8, Android Nougat, Windows 7 (respectively to #4)

I will submit a ticket as well, but this really concerns me with an AvA coming up on December 15th.

Is anyone else observing this?

Ashara Storm
Strength and Hodor


  • DB resolved my issue. Thank you!
    Ashara Storm
    Strength and Hodor
  • NNNN ✭✭✭
    I don't generally watch my craft or adventure timers count down, I'll just check back on my game when I believe they might be finished.

    so how was the issue resolved? was it an issue with your device clock being out of sync, or something else? If the fix is simple I'd like to know about it, so i can go ahead and do it just in case that issue is actually present on my game but I just haven't realized.
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