Is Tales of Ice and Fire really all that?

I have never really gotten into Tales of Ice and Fire, can anyone give me any tips of how to maximize renown gains.

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  • DutcherDutcher
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    That's going to require a very very long answer as there are many tips and strategies. I'll try to provide the basics:
    1) Always play Tales. It's an ATM machine.
    2) Depending on the required action types, choose your 5 best ss (peerless with max base stat training points). Train at least 9 on base stats only (3 each type), or 6 + 3 (combined stats) plus the 6 extra's you'll need for the all battle/trade/intrigue Tales (15 total, 18 if you train the 3 combined stats).
    3) Equip with your best gear for the required stat, again base points are better than % bonus. Also equip any peerless Tales gear you have for the specific Tale. Legendary can work sometimes on hard level but you'll want to keep making keepsakes 24/7 and craft peerless tales gear as much as possible (or buy the packs).
    4) Seal up your 5 ss and your gear as much as possible. (Hint:) Tales seals go on Tales gear but can also go on specific ss if you only use them for that Tale!
    5) Don't rush into hard or epic level if you're not ready. After each successful run, the difficulty level will go up and provide more and more renown. You can easily run all easy level at the beginning or all hard level and still obtain your required threshold or ranking. Keep actual win rates at 80% or better for as long as possible. If you start losing too often, step back a level, or stop at stage 4 or 3. Only do this towards the end of the Tale however, you don't want to stop early and have difficulty go up if you are still planning to go all the way to stage 5 later on.
    6) For the combined action Tales, the 5th ss should be trained or equipped to handle both actions. It can be used as a back-up if the others are tired, or for the 3rd action on each stage after 2 wins. Don't let any ss die (after 2 shocks, don't assign it to another possible shock, it's unnecessary). Also, take your 5 ss out of your AP at least an hour before the start of Tales. Any dead, wounded or assigned ss will not be able to join Tales.
    7) Remember, your MC stats, seals and gear have 0 effect on Tales. Only the 5 ss you select and their gear and seals work. Strip your dragons and any other high stat gear off your MC and put them on your Tales ss.
    8) Play around with the ss in the beginning, selecting different combinations until you see which 2 have the best win chance, without them tiring out or dying. Also look at the buffs for a win, and debuffs for a loss and decide if they will be added to the ss you prefer. If not, switch the ss to the other position, or choose a different ss.
    9) Tales can be boring. Play music, other games, brush up on your social media or read a book while playing Tales. It's made for multi tasking.
    10) It will take some practice and a few trial runs before you get the hang of it and have figured out which strategy works best for you. As you complete more and more Tales, and craft more and more Tales gear and seals, you will see your performance improve quickly. Just try it out and keep at it. It doesn't have to cost you anything and the rewards are awesome (see 1).

    Hope this helps. More experienced players can add any other strategies, tricks or hints I may have missed, I'm sure there are plenty.
  • DutcherDutcher
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    No problem. A few more tricks;
    11) Yes to training your Tales ss in between. Can use bread for that, especially during double ss xp bonus weeks. Look at their xp and always get them to the next level just before Tales.
    12) Running keepsakes constantly is expensive. For silver, run Adv Vol 2 level 90 as much as possible and sell the crystal swords, or if you're in to PvP swindle high level inactive players.
    13) Vigor management; never be off-line for more than 8 hours during Tales. That's the time it takes to regenerate 80 vigor for a full bank. Use it all up before going off-line and before claiming any vigor threshold rewards. If you have reached your desired ranking and you're safe, do NOT claim the Vigor rewards yet. Save them for next time, let Tales run out, wait at least 8 hours for the vigor bank to fill to 80 again, then claim the Tales rewards when they pop up. Any vigor rewards (random or not) will then be added to the 80 and you will start your next Tale with multiple extra runs. Just make sure to start that next Tale on time or you will be losing any regenerated Vigor!
    14) Seals: One strategy (out of many), especially for saving gold to avoid stripping and re-sealing: Only place rare or peerless Tales seals on your crafted peerless Tales gear. Legendary seals will be stripped later on and that will cost gold. I would place those on a specific Tales ss and let them sit there. As you accumulate peerless Tales seals, you can then easily spend the 4k silver to rip off a rare seal and place the peerless seal on your Tales gear. For your main 6-9 Tales ss, the +6/2% seals to battle/trade/intrigue are best. Specific action seals (fight/swindle etc) won't be very useful as your main Tales ss will likely have to be used on any of the 3 specific actions within its specialty.
    15) Try to finish stage 5's as much as possible. They give the most renown and the best random item drops (gear & seals). Once you have reached your desired ranking towards the end of a Tale and have a comfortable renown cushion, you can easily waste 4 runs on epic level to get those random peerless drops. Remember though, many players will be saving up their vigor or buying extra runs at the end to get into the next tier rewards. Especially Top 1000 or Top500 can be very competitive and you'll need a considerable safety cushion.
  • ZeppZepp
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    My personal setup is that I have six specialists (two of each category) with the 6 2% seals and epic gear. I then have one generalist with the epic gear and Aegon seals. This works for most tales, although I have tale-specific SS for the 100% tales.

    I'm working on Tales-specific SS by crafting one peerless each round and any drops I can get. It's taking a while, but it is basically free.


  • Thanks a lot Dutcher this was really helpful. I use to reincarnate a lot so my ss aren't maxed out yet so I guess in between tales I will have to level them up. And I never really payed much attention to keepsakes either, I am gonna work on that as well. Thanks a lot.

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  • Pretty cool thanks for that, its basically what Ive been doing, so its nice to know I havent fallen off the deep end and am making mistakes! I do think Tales are a brilliant way to gain extra gold alone, even if you only do the tale up to the 1st 5 gold, but then why stop there.
  • I can't resist doing the Tales! Love them and its a real addiction
  • Thank you so much for this, I've just recently gotten into doing Tales and this will come in handy. Thank you!
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