2-3 suggestions after several months of 'gameplay'

GimGim ✭✭
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Actually is all about convenience (~ergonomy):
- reset chatbox on main screen as it was set at the time of blitz AvA; this is the social one
- put a permanent access to shop/inventory button on main screen especially for newbies . button can be a sliced quare for instance
not enough room on main screen? move disfunctionnal rank button in alliance room, where it ought
- add inventory tab for Tales items, or put it in ddlb.

Is there a pilot in the plane, allo? Everyone assesses final aims is to retain users spend the most time possible on the game interface; however here it's no spending, it's more spilling (at the expense of the gameplay); it's not only the end of the show that caused ueser leave.

+ 1 market place for players, with a gold duty or taxes whatever
+ 1 quest all button for messages, like the one for friends gifts; one click for a gone quest too often

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