GoT Discussions, Theories, and Spoiler Groups

Don't mind spoilers? Interested in GoT theories and discussions?
I admin a private group on Facebook with Valar Morghulis - both of us Wise/Elder GoTA players - where we dissect The Songs of Ice and Fire and share our findings. Most of the members are GoTA players, although it is open to the public IF they can find us. We largely accept join requests from GoTA players that have heard about us from other GoTA groups. Feel free to seek us out and join the discussions! I will have to warn you that there isn't much activity going on in the group during AvA but, you don't really mind, do you?

Here are some things you can find in our group:
1. GoT updates and news forwarded to you via the horse's mouth - GoT.
2. Posts shared to the group through the most reliable resources on the internet:
a. Watchers on the Wall
b. Winter is Coming (.net)
d. GoT Wiki
e. Entertainment Weekly (EW) via GoT or HBO
f. George R.R. Martin's LIVE JOURNAL posts related to GoT
g. Videos of theories and Westerosi lore created by some of the best VJs on YouTube: Smokescreen,
The Harpy, The Citadel, and any other we think are credible and relevant. We screen them for B-S
and tinfoil, so you don't have to.
h. Any relevant GoT info that is shared by GoT actors' official accounts on Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram and other platforms.
I. A Blog of Thrones
3. Theories about GoT Season 8 that you may discuss, as well as previous theories in our files for GoT S7
4. Member Polls
5. We have podcasts and live videos planned before and during GoT Season 8 that you will be able to
participate in.
6. We are working on plans for a Live Videocast from Chateau LaRoche (Loveland Castle) in
Cincinnati, Ohio during GoT Season 8
7. We have a library in our document files, in the private group on Facebook, that has links to the
best relevant Westerosi lore related to the show and books.
8. Our Facebook group is PRIVATE, which means that your friends who don't like spoilers will not be
blasted with news from our group - ONLY YOU will see them.
9. Posts about other film projects that your favorite Game of Thrones actors are involved in.
10. Notifications about the latest GoT screensavers, art, and browser themes

Roxanne Raven (in-game Roxanne the Wise) - alias Valar Dohaeris
& Lee Mann (in-game Valar Morghulis) - alias Valar Morghulis

Facebook private group
Facebook public page
HoNO YouTube Channel
HoNO YouTube Playlists

* Information posted regularly as it becomes available

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