How can a man be brave if he's afraid? Join Afraid of Valyrians and find out!

Hi everyone,

we are a small alliance of active, but still casual players of different levels. Afraid of Valyrians has been founded a couple of years ago, and is still alive and growing. We would like to grow further, and will be happy to welcome you in our team!

What do we do?
- we discuss gameplay, tactics, reincarnation cycles, dragon evolution and whatever else might be on the plate. We have some players with years of gota experience and some high-level serial reincarnators and power levellers, so we know a thing or two that we can share
- we participate in every AvA, we love it, and we test different tactics and approaches. We usually play a good mix of hostile and friendly actions, and usually score around top 20 in the main region, and top 40s on the side.
- we support each other, we barter, and when called banners we are there
- we cherish our allies, and like to join them for mercs occasionally
- we run regular challenges to farm pyres, wildfire and to increase our power
- we chat about the game, dragons that won’t hatch, or about real life, whatever seems good at the time. Both in alliance chat and in our facebook group.

What don’t we do?
- cheating or scripting
- highly competitive AvA. We encourage everyone to participate in a way that suits them best. So you are not expected to set timers, or put your real life aside for more VPs or a better position.
- strict orders from leaders and officers in AvA. As we want to evolve, we want to give the freedom to explore new ways, and also to play in a way as everyone likes.

Why you should join:
- you are an active player and are online almost every day, but you don’t have to play all day long. Levels don’t matter - you may be new to the game, or reincarnating - you’re welcome! Continuity is more important to us than strength.
- you enjoy AvA, or want to participate for the first time
- you like to grow with an alliance, and have a place to have your own ideas realized. You are joining work in progress, and we have a lot of spaces to fill.
- you like to talk to your alliance buddies. Perfect English is not necessary! We are international anyway :-)

Curious? Just send me a PM or an in-game raven and you'll be invited :-)

Looking forward to meeting new people!
Faliath Mott, Leader of Afraid of Valyrians

Friend me if you like: ID 4304362


  • Also, we are completely awesome and we say welcome :wink:
  • Last minute joiners for AvA will be welcome :-)
  • I tried in game messaging (Faliath Mott) but it goes to random people, at least that's what outgoing messages show. I used your player id and still not sure it went to the right persons. My id is 14113977
  • Glad we could figure that out and happy to have you on the team, Conman!
  • Dear all,

    after a while of intense AvA merc touring, we will play this phase "at home". Reinforcements (temporary or permanent) are very welcome. Just send me a raven!

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