Whisperer AvA Phase - All Player Issues & Feedback

Greetings Bannermen,

This thread is for all feedback and issues relating to the upcoming Whisperer AvA Phase. The phase is set to start this Friday, January 12th at 11am ET (16:00 UTC) and run until Tuesday, January 16th at 11am ET (16:00 UTC).

Please note: The button may be up and live in the game so when the time comes, everyone won’t need to restart but AvA will not be live in the game until the start time. Thank you.

Description: After I first logged in, I went to the AvA regions and no camps were there. I restarted the game, but they still didn’t show up in AvA.
Here’s how you can test it:

Reproduction steps:
1. Head into the game.
2. Click on the AvA button on the top-right.
4. Head to a region.
5. Look for any camp icons.
6. Note that no camp icons are there.

Expected: I am able to see camps in AvA.
Actual: I cannot see camps in AvA.

1. Explain what you were doing when you had the problem or saw the opportunity for a suggestion.
2. Detail how you would like it changed and explain why.
3. Be respectful and give as much information and reasoning as possible.
4. Include screenshots or specifics when relevant.

Please keep all posts respectful so we can help to deliver the best AvA experience.

For more details about this phase, please see the Whisperer Announcement blog: https://www.disruptorbeam.com/blog/2018/1/5/gota-announcing-the-whisperer-ava-phase


  • I just sent out an attack and my troops say they will return in 2d 3h
  • Description: Log is not showing all the attacks that are by numerous people in my alliance.
    Example: My total GPS is 207 and only 183 showed up.
    And yes I did have a full complement of swords in camps.
    FYI I tried to post links showing what was going on but it wouldnt let me.
  • Pending results for a number of hours. At least one wave never reported in battle log and only half a wave a few times. Other waves are showing pending but fortunately, resolving before cooldown finishes. Game seems generally slow and laggy moving from screen to screen. Paying on web, using W10 laptop and tried swapping browers, clearing cookies - no change to pending on general lag.
  • edited January 13
    Same here. Pending results for the last 5 hours (+/-), with waves that never resolved before cooldown (= waves lost).
    Yes, I cleared cookies, no change. Playing on laptop, W8.1, Opera.
  • 3 waves in a row have not resolved. Get your **tsk tsk** together DB!
  • DutcherDutcher ✭✭✭
    Above are all common and usual problems with processing speed. Yes, DB needs to monitor it and fix it but rest assured, the waves are not lost. They eventually resolve and will show up in the correct place in the battle logs, even if it takes several hours. VP and spoils are not lost either but camp effects are delayed to the point where they no longer have the desired effect and you won't be able to see any individual ss results.

    Here's the real brain tangler: What happens if you send out the wave again before results are processed, then when they finally do process some of your ss died. They will disappear suddenly hours later but what happens to the ss results of the 2nd wave that processed earlier than the first wave? Are they still counted even though the ss was dead and should never have been sent out? What happens to VP, spoils and camp effects that were gained by a zombie ss?
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  • Can only agree, the lag is getting worse by the minute. Actions do no resolve and it is impossible to play decently under such conditions.
    Again we lose tons of VP to this
  • 4369358 is my user ID, I have tried unsuccessfully to log back in on multiple occasions and when I went to find my camps to check on my SS the camps are not there. Later I try and camps are there but my SS are all dead. This as happened twice, last night and again today. Is this an IOS issue limited to IOS?

    I have restarted my IPAD twice and that did not help.
    I closed all apps running in the background by double tapping the home button and then swiping them closed except for GOTA and still no camps.
    I tried again and could garrison my last SS.

  • Spy information isn't displaying in real time. Have all spy lights lit, info showing 0 defenders. Sent a wave and hit defenders. Spy intel still showing 0 defenders in camp. Had 2 other alliance members hitting the camp a minute or two appart. The intel on their screens said 0 defenders, they found defenders.

    Intel on screen was still showing 0 defenders.

    All running W10 on laptops, all web based using Chrome.
  • LozLoz ✭✭
    Sent 245 out to swindle , yet game says only 52 sent yet all on timers?
  • DutcherDutcher ✭✭✭
    Loz, all ss in a wave do not return at the same time, there is a delay of a couple seconds that builds up from the beginning of the wave until the end. Next time you send, make sure ALL ss have indeed returned (either by scrolling down all the way, or by verifying your garrison defender count). You are likely sending out too early. Either that, or you sent by type (swindlers only).
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  • DutcherDutcher ✭✭✭
    I am seeing several players with 0/0 waves in the logs, or like mine 60 ss just excluded from the outgoing log, out of a 136 ss wave. No rhyme or reason, just omitted / cropped out by the server hamsters. This is in addition to several waves not being resolved on time and is pretty unusual. Something is obviously going wrong.
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