Your goals for stt part two!

from those that dB puts in the game?

For example, I once had two goals: to immortalize a version of each main cast member and to immortalize a common, uncommon, rare and super rare for each Star Trek series.

I have now created a new goal for myself: to fully equip every single faction representative. I’d ideally like to immortalize them, but I realize that as a f2p, that’s a pretty unrealistic goal. As it is, I only have to fully equip idrin, martok, and brunt of the non legendary representatives.

Do you guys have goals you have created for yourselves?
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  • Data1001Data1001 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Main goal I'm working towards now is part of a friendly competition with a fleet-mate: to see which one of us can get all of our active crew members FE first. I've got 52 of them remaining, and I think he's got a similar number. He's convinced himself he can get it done in a few months, but I'm thinking it may take much of the rest of the year for me to finish mine. Especially considering that I'll be acquiring 2 or 3 new crew members each week.

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  • RaraRacingRaraRacing ✭✭✭✭
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    - I really should 3* all the missions ... I've been lazy and, as far as I can remember, there's only 1 node that I will not be able to unlock (SEC - Investigator node at EPIC in DC:CT) at present ... so I can almost get 'em all ...

    - Like Data1001 ... FE all my crew ... have 46 to go (almost all 4*s and of which only one is FF) ... had over 50 a while back and whittled it down to 41, but this mega-event is killing me and giving me new crew left, right and centre (I also keep getting new crew (or ones I have FF) in Voyages, which doesn't help).

    - I try to have mini-goals to help break the above stuff down ... e.g. FE all my crew with MED or FE all my versions of Torres ... but those come and go.
  • Dirk GundersonDirk Gunderson ✭✭✭✭✭
    My immediate goals are to FL/FE Expedition Shran, Gangster Kirk, Phoenix Cochrane, and Mirror Janeway. Longer term, FF RAF O’Brien and maybe Lt. Commander Dax. Beyond that, it depends on what crew I get from events and occasional portal pack. I’d like to fuse and level more crew, of course, but which ones I do depend on who I can immortalize.
  • IrialIrial ✭✭✭✭
    edited February 2018
    My goal at the moment is to acquire enough Dilithium to be able to have 4 shuttles. In particular from Achievements I need to reach a total of 200 for Immortalize your crew members. I would have had enough Dilithium for the shuttles already when I passed 175, if I had not taken advantage of the first half price crew slots sale.
  • Save up enough F2P chrons to take 1st in a Galaxy Event.

    I expect this to take at least 18 months and still doubt I'll have ever have enough chrons. Maybe by then DB will turn off the bloody event animations too! A drone can dream, right?
  • My ultimate goal for the game is basically the tag-line from Pokemon: gotta catch 'em all.😉
    I realize that's highly unlikely. And/or going to take a long time.

    Short-term goals include never airlocking a 4* or 5*, and vaulting enough of the rest of my list to let me thaw out some people for specific missions.
    I guess completing every mission at elite is a goal. And then at epic. Broken down by episode.

    More immediate short-term goals are immortalize Nurse Kes (who I just got), get my 2/3 Ambassador Neelix up to level 99 so I can fuse him with my 1/3 Tuvok (after I get him his third star), and get a 1/3 Ambassador Neelix to fuse with the 3/3 Tuvok that I have.
  • I would like to have a crew member with more than 1160-ish SEC base ... the only skill I really lack in the top numbers. Sarek is my new Nr. 1 base SEC and that says a lot for experienced players. ^^

    Also, I'd like to get the star on all factions. Hirogen, Dominion and Romulans need some more transmissions done, the rest is already honored.

    Finally, I'd like to get some more unique crew such as Locutus, Guinan or some of the really big guys such as Defensive Phlox, Dr. Hugh Culber, First Officer Burnham and the Borg Queen (mainly for voyages).
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  • I finally immortalized all the 1*, 2*, and 3* DS9 crew members awhile back. I've been collecting the 4* DS9 crew members since. I only need three of them now (Gabriel Bell, Maquis Eddington, and Thot Gor; only Eddington is in regular circulation in the time portal). Most of them still need stars, so it's not like I'm on the cusp of immortalizing all of them, but at least I have them. Plus, all of them are FE/100 except Laas and First Goran'Agar, and I only got Goran'Agar yesterday.

    I'm still trying to collect all the Mirror Universe crew. I only need a few of the 5*s at this point; Bashir, Beverly Crusher, Inquisitor Troi, Regent Worf, T'Pol. I'll get 'em eventually!

    I'll still gladly chase any Ezri that's added, but for the time being I have all four of her. I'm also eager to get all the Niners, but Umpire Odo (who technically wasn't a Niner player) is the only one I'm missing. I hope they introduce more Niners when the 2018 baseball season opens in April.

    My last set of crew subsets to collect are the Disco characters. Really digging that show. Wish they'd finally start introducing some 3*'s from it!

    There are still some other 1*, 2*, and 3* crew I haven't immortalized, but none of them are all that interesting or important to me beyond padding my stats. Maybe I'll get around to 'em, maybe I won't. Whatever.

    I would also like to finish building all of the 5* ships, just so I can get that extra 150 antimatter for voyages. I've got the Borg Scout Ship, D'Kora Krayton, H.M.S. Bounty, and I.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 completed already. My Prakesh is nearing completion. The Enterprise NX-01 and I.S.S. Defiant, however, are apparently stuck at levels 5 and 1 respectively as those schematics aren't in regular circulation. Whomp.

    Speaking of voyages, I've already gotten the 20 hour achievement (I spent the dilithium just to get it over with), but I would like to be able to clear the 8:00 mark without paying to extend. I've been able to break 7:00 for the last week or so, so hopefully I'm getting close to that.
  • After hitting a goal of getting 3*s on all missions (including cadet) i have a few more goals.

    Vault all 3*s (excluding jazz riker as he is not in circulation)

    get 1st place in the gauntlet at least once

    get in the top 1000 of a galaxy event (i have avoided playing this events due to me wanting to level crew instead)

    Somehow get Enabrain Tain, Data, lore and Soong as well as Garak and Tain are among my two favorite story lines in ST.
  • 3* all missions.
    FFFE all 3* cards (except jazz riker)
    Collect all Picard variants
  • Collect as many cards as possible, 3 * all missions,.
  • New goal: get a rainbow (immortal common, immortal uncommon, immortal rare, immortal super rare) for every main cast crew possible.

    Just finished Spock with Talos IV Spock, now working on Wesley with 1 Star Wesley.

    Obviously, this goal will be impossible for some crew.
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  • WebberoniWebberoni ✭✭✭✭✭
    When I started playing 13 months ago I set a few goals:
    - immortalize all 1-3* crew
    - star all the factions
    - 3* all the daily challenge missions

    Now that those goals have been accomplished (I'm at 215 immortal), my next goals are:
    - 3* all the missions (about 80 left)
    - pass the 8-hour mark in voyages regularly, without using dil (have done this once so far)
    - finish 1st in a gauntlet (have finished 2nd)

    The one thing about this game that upset me a little after the first few months was how little the chapter/mission storylines meant, once you unlocked the full spectrum of features. I am looking forward to getting back around to finishing the missions on epic.
  • Matt_DeckerMatt_Decker ✭✭✭✭✭
    I recently got the third star on the last mission and the last star on a faction. Those were the biggies.

    Now I'm just playing for collections/events. I was on the verge of losing interest when they came up with these collections. Good way to keep me hooked.
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  • I'm Pokemoning my way through this game. Before Christmas I had FFFEd all 1-3Star characters (yay, more rewards for me in the collections!), now i'm working largely on 4*s. Ones I've got 3/4 of and then working my way up to 5* since those will need a lot of beholds and/or honour.
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