Server Error @ event End

Trying to finish the event is very difficult when the game keeps freezing and server errors. I wonder if will take over 3 weeks to here from DB support on this problem? I'm still waiting, over 3 weeks for other squad issues. I guess DB is to busy getting The Walking Dead game going? Because their support for this game is abhorrent!j1fmb6gft666.jpg


  • DB's CS for all games is exactly the same - they don't have a separate department (3 guys in a storage closet ;) ) for each game
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  • Outside of game-wide server hiccups, I only receive those when my WiFi connection is having problems remaining stable. I was playing at the end of the event too and had no issues. What device/platform do you use, and did you notice any fluctuations in your WiFi or phone service connection?
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  • @ Captain Borealis, all was good on my end. We have wonderful internet(Spectrum rocks). Yes I did check when the error occurred, because I thought the same thing. After that error went away another poped up. I use to laugh to myself @ all the problems I heard about people having playing the game. Thinking they were exaggerating it. Know I know better and support is worthless.
  • 502 bad gateway on nginx is usually a sign of overloaded servers
  • Just heard from Yasmine @ DB support. She took care of this issue for me. Thank you Yasmine!
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