Many Sworn Swords = slow game ?

How many Sworn Sword you can equip and keep without slowing a game? I have 1400 SS near 450 is fully equipped, game performance is much lower - slow loading, longer waiting in Tales and AvA, sending AP is slow too :(

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  • Erek FarwyndErek Farwynd ✭✭
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    previous answer from DB support team = the game can't handle bloating inventories with over 3000 unique items.

    Unique items = any SS + any sealed/named item + most superior items with affix/suffix
    Removing seals from an item won't revert its 'uniqueness'.
    Unequiping SS won't help.

    Try to keep your inventory below 2000 unique items.
    Don't craft or keep too many non-stackable items (i.e. most rare/legendary items)
    Sell off :
    - any SS in excess (at least 500 in your case)
    - any unuseful common/uncommon/rare seal/item/spoil

    hope that helps :)


  • NNNN ✭✭✭
    Consider it like inventory bloat......the servers are crap so too much of anything causes your game to be slower.
  • KAI21KAI21 ✭✭
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    I just want to figure out what is better thing to do - sell SS, unequip SS, sell all items with affixes, stop some crafting due to affixes. How to receive good balance?
  • NNNN ✭✭✭
    Well you can sell items you don’t need/want, as well as selling any ss you feel you don’t need. I’m not sure if unequipping your ss will make any difference.
  • GuderianGuderian ✭✭
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    Anything to do with SS is lag-inducing it seems. I tried to add a few SS to my AP the other day and even after bringing up the AP, opening up the Add SS UI, filtering the SS and selecting an SS I wanted to add, it still took a total of 22 seconds from clicking the Select button until the gears stopped turning and I could repeat the monotony for the next one. When you factor in opening up the UIs, it took well over 2 minutes just to add 5 SS to the AP, not counting setting their adventure and action.

    This is why my AP is full of fully-trained SS who don't need to be there. If I were to swap them out for untrained ones, it would literally take hours of sitting there with the AP UI open, clicking and waiting and clicking and waiting. There's not having a life and then there's not having a life...

    For the same laggy, gear-spinning reasons, I've never been able to use a maxed out AP, either. Unless I want to refresh the game each time I try to open the AP and add another few minutes (of repeating the same actions just to get to the same place I left off) to every login.
  • I found that keeping my army under 1000 has helped, getting them geared, does seem to improve overall load time after the first load with them geared. It does not help with the AP at all. That is a crap shoot on whether it will timeout or give multiple "Maester" messages or just freeze...
    Bellatrix Darke
  • KAI21KAI21 ✭✭
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    Thank you @Erek Farwynd That helps a lot!
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