Recycling Seals/New Seal Ideas

I've been playing for just over a year now and noticed that most of the old equipment used in the games early stages has kind of been left in the dust with slightly better versions of the same type of gear in later seasons. Some of the seals from early on, however, seem to be quite useful. This leads to my first suggestion, which is to recycle some of the older season's equipment and seals in the shop. It's nice that we get the season 6 gear and seals, but I for one would definitely take a look at some of the other seals used before I started playing and consider buying them.

My second suggestion is to make new seals that focus on a single skill's offense and defense separately. We have 6/3 and 3/4 seals that do this to add stats for offense and defense. Why not make like a 6/4 or 3/5 seal for fight attack only or bribe defense only, or something like that? Call them generic names like the "peerless warriors seal of offense" (3/0/0, +5% to fight when attacking)


  • To bump this and clarify some specific seals that were of interest, the seals that were 5/3 for either attack or defense only of all battle/trade/intrigue stats, like brienne of tarth/hounds seal and lysa insignia/ramsays insignia. Could all of these be considered as seals to be added to the rotation of seals purchasable in the shop?
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