In-game chat not working?

Does anyone know why alliance chat doesn't work?
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    The code is dark and full of horrors. Refresh a dozen times, might start to work by itself again, might not. Send support ticket, might work, might not. Delete history, cache and cookies, might work might not. Try different platform, might work, might not. Sorry, that's all I have for you. It's a common problem that everyone faces now and again, and again, and again.
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  • YES! Mine is not working and it's driving me crazy. I have done everything as far as delete history, cache and cookies, made sure that the show chat show activity boxes were checked and still nothing. I checked both DB and Facebook since that's were I originally started playing and still blank. It's doing it on my main and an alt character which this alt (I have 2) is on Kongregate that I play on Chrome. My other alt I go through Edge and the Alliance chat works fine. So I'm still trying to figure that one out. I put in a ticket for it but have yet to hear anything but it's only been almost 2 full says.
  • And to add to that there are several others in my alliance that are having the same problem. This is a real inconvenience and the ticket I've put in for it has still gone unanswered and is going on day 3. On another note why did the forum layout have to change. The other layout made it so much easier to get back to the game. Just my opinion and making an observation.
  • DB is known for making "fixes" that are not asked for by the community and leaving broken what is long asked and pleaded for. I've experienced this problem numerous times and this is why people who are succeeding at the game have long been using FB to chat and work through diplomacy and strategy. I have always said that this is shortsighted and have been waiting longer than your ticket for promised changes. Stop using chrome and go to Firefox. Firefox still remains the best browser to play on. Way less buggy but I've still had the issue on Firefox too. It will resolve magically. It is known.
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