Filling the Adventure Party

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Posted: 11 April 2017 05:27 PM

Here we have one picture showing garrison in AvA, and the other shows trying to fill my adventure party. It would be awesome if both pictures looked the same, and we could fill all in the AP instead of single selection. eucvihjc2nl6.png


  • DutcherDutcher ✭✭✭
    And while you're at it, add a filter for non-maxed ss ( < Rank 127 ) please.
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  • I can live without the extra filter if I could for the love of all that's unholy just fill all.
  • This only became a real problem for me once I started to get max level SS. Now, I empty my AP before AvA so I can garrison the SS I want, then just use existing Fill All button for my AP during AvA, often repeating that process if I want to change the type of SS I have garrisoned.

    But...after AvA, I have to go through a laborious process (only available on browser - not iOS) or selecting peerless SS and then scrolling down to avoid the level 127 SS and also select the types of SS that I really want to train. Then selecting every one individually and adding them to the AP.

    I'm sure this is a common task for players!

    So, yes, ideally I'd like to select all peerless skirmishers (for example) that are NOT max level and then garrison them all. Failing that, selecting all peerless SS that are NOT max level would be next on my list. Not having the max level filter would completely negate this feature for many players though.
  • DutcherDutcher ✭✭✭
    Mark, I've decided to be nice to you for once and give you a little trick (workaround) using the AvA garrison on your last wave only. Garrison all your Rank 127's (hopefully you have less than your GP amount). You'll still need to do this one by one but it's much faster than adding them one by one to your AP. Then all your remaining ss are <127 and you can fill your AP with fill all.
    You won't get max VP from your last wave of course but it's worth the time save and you're ready to resume normal activities after AvA.
    Arya Serious? If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!
  • Thanks Dutcher, but as I've got over 100 max level SS now (in fact, I have 163 - more than my GP), it would still take a while to get them into a garrison, including the effort of finding them. So I'd probably lose a whole wave then too.

    Plus, I'm trying to train my peerless SS as a priority and also the SS that I mostly use in AvA. So I'm not as bothered about training protectors, merchants or intrigue SS as I don't use them as often.

    I would have thought this is an easy add for DB that also benefits most players.
  • NNNN ✭✭✭
    When it comes to db appearently nothing is simple.

    Wasn’t some of such improvements scheduled on the calendar.
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