Winter is Coming Alliance looks for members and mergers

Winter is Coming Alliance ist looking for new members!

You want to be competetive and love to be in tight battles for a region?
You know your sync and got at least one hostile action speed maxed for AvA?
You are level 1k (or not far from it) or higher?
Or you are just powerlevelling?
Or you are lower level but you make up for the lack in levels in dedication?
Or you are from Oz/Kiwi/Asia time zone?
And you might be looking for a new home?

Let's talk!

You are leader/officer of a small alliance that is longing for more and would love to go competetive?
Either as mercs for a phase, for a long term arrangement or probably under your own banner?

Let's talk!

Best is to visit us here:

Or send a PM via Facebook* to Melisande Melders (there is only one of that name, but don't add an r. That belongs to the Red Witch only ...).

Or send a PM via this forum.

You do not meet those requirements but are still interested?
Our training alliance Nymeria's Pack can help you to grow your char and learn more about the game.

*Please note: FB is mandatory, we do all our alliance communication via FB and messenger. Game-only FB-Account is fully sufficient.



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