Are there any plans to add TWD/MtW to the Forums anytime soon? >_<


  • Yes, We are looking into adding a section for THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR soon.
  • Good to know.
  • Duly noted.
    Stark 3 Lannister 3 Greyjoy 5 Baratheon 2 Targaryen 2 Martell 6 Tyrell 1 Tully 2 Arryn?!0
  • edited October 8
    Why can't I search for a community via it's tags? I've been asked by several communities to join, but all I have is their tags and they don't show up in the communities list. Need to fix this. I SHOULD be able to click on a member and from there, it should give me an option to join. That would make things easier, especially when they PM me.

    Also, is there a bug with the warehouse? I've been hit and my RSS levels go BELOW what it says it protects.
  • Looks like there won’t be a forum for TWDmtw because the developers can’t get their act together and sort the game out. If there was a forum it would have crashed by now with the amount of disgruntled players voicing their opinions.
    Looks like disruptorbeam don’t want the rest of the world to see what a shambles it has become, hence the only way for players to voice said opinions is via emails to the developers which are then never seen by anyone else.
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