July Daughter of the North Tale


I am a newer player and I am looking ahead to the July tale. The tale is split 50-50 with Trade and Intrigue. So if I use 2 Trade SS and 2 Intrigue SS, what should my 5th SS be? I am going to reincarnate before the next tale and my current SS vary from 15th to about 19th level.


Lord Dragonfury


  • I have Peerless SS for Battle, Trade, and Intrigue. Leveling them up as I grab all the fealty buildings.
  • TiamatTiamat ✭✭
    You could buy any SS (of course peerless is better) and train his status in both, trade and intrigue. I have at least one B/T, T/I and B/I for every tale, trained only in the status.
  • ZeppZepp ✭✭✭
    I use a fifth wheel SS for all my Tales. While having three gives you an extra 50ish points, the convenience of only one SS that is always on Tales duty supersedes that.

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  • LuthyenLuthyen
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    It depends on your inventory also. Example if I have a large assortment of trade gear but my Intrigue gear is limited. In that case I would not make my dual trained SS 50/50 Trade/Intrigue. Instead I would find the balance the SS will need to give equal help in both categories . Maybe a 70/30 for me.
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