Future Starbase Upgrade

Even though money does not exist on Earth in the Star Trek future, it sure does exist for DB!!

A thought I had was to add a Ferengi Banking Cartel into the starbase so we can get more credits.


  • Good idea.....credits look like being the next bottleneck on the back of increased availability of chronitons and replicator rations through Voyages.
  • How would it work? Lump sum on completion for every fleet member? Daily delivery of credits? Install a new progress guild bar for credit claims daily? Too much to change.

    Existing starbase upgrades do static things, increase caps or skills. There is no cap for credits.
  • This might be a coding nightmare, but I think a room that boosts active crew slots for the fleet would be awesome!
  • That actually would be awesome, and not that much of a nightmare really. Your crew slots already checks your VIP level for bonuses, just have it check this room as well. Probably 1 crew per level for 5 levels.
  • Til you leave or get booted from your fleet and all of a sudden have a bunch of crew in overflow with a countdown going. Hopefully you're not on vacation.
  • Yes there is that, but you could easily talk to your fleet admiral and say “hey don’t boot me, I’m going on vacation.”
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    I would support a similar "donation-based" fleet goal like the chronitons which would drop credits instead. 20K, 30K and 50K credits thresholds maybe, so it would be 100K extra purr day. However, that would only work if extra non-depleting rooms are being added to starbases, or rooms that empty themselves daily.
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  • Another though is a "crew transfer orders" upgrade that allows you to trade unneeded extra crew to other fleet members. Maybe have a trade value in honor so the captains can still recieve an honor value for trading as opposed to airlocking. I mean this game is all about collecting your favorite crew.
  • Ferengi Commerce Centre - Gives you Interest on your credit total at the end of each day (1%/2%/3%)
  • There needs to be a resource exchange also, to change starbase parts to more useful ones
    Replication Centre. Exchange building materials (level 1 - 10:1, 2 - 5:1, 3 - 2:1)

    This room from TNG:
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  • I personally think a room to speed up chrons regeneration. Much like the transporter room, 10%, 20%, 30%.

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