Build Notes - July 11, 2018

Build 534

Greetings Bannermen!

Today’s build implements the upcoming Daughter of the North Tale, which begins Friday, July 13 at 11:00 am ET (15:00 UTC) and runs through Tuesday, July 17. Additionally, Breaker Spoils can now be used within Alliances Challenges.

Fixes, Improvements, and Additions!
- Tales: Daughter of the North Implemented.
- Tales: DN gear can be crafted within the Great Hall.
- Shop: Slaver Coin Seal available randomly within the shop.
- AvA: Breaker Spoils can be used within Alliance Challenges.
- Bonus Week: Crafting Timer Reduction concluded.
- Bonus Week: Crafting Luck Increase concluded.
- Bug Fix: Fixed a typo with one of the Chapter 13 quests “The Buckwell Legacy”.

Known Issues
- Incoming Battle Log is currently displaying the XP earned by players that are attacking you.
- Opening your garrison screen has a black line where the filter is normally shown.

- The lorebook is incorrectly displaying some volumes as complete for some players.


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