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  • Superlatives coming out soon?
  • So with Disruptor beam now making staff redundant what happens next?
    Is it finally the end for the game?
  • So with Disruptor beam now making staff redundant what happens next?
    Is it finally the end for the game?

    I really really hope not, but it does look scarily possible :(
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  • With DB not adressing the very obvious cheating problem in AvA, not answering tickets regarding this subject, now firing staff and also the comments by DB in that article, it has snubbed their loyal players in every possible way. Have sadly spent my last money on this game and I feel tremendously sorry for all the people that actually did spend hundreds/thousands on this game and thus paved the way for DB to create STTL and TWD-MtW. This is no way to treat the people who made it happen and it greatly saddens me since I still very much like this game and the people I play with.

    Truth be told, going over the facts this will be the fate of both latter mentioned games too: once the cash cows have been milked the players can take a hike. Am pretty sure the cheaters have their scripts ready for those as well. Feel sorry for the DB staff too, must be very uncertain times for them even more so than for the players.
    Really hoping DB at least will give a fair warning about the future to their honest and loyal GotA players. It is really outrageous how DB has treated them in the past year (and am not talking about the staff but the people that make the policy). Had they handled this differently a lot of people would have been inclined to try their other games but know a fair few that won't. But of course, they will attract other cash cows so why should they care... :'(
  • Eek, just seen the posting regarding DB laying off 30+ staff on the 10th October, a bombshell..such a shame.In this post there's no mention of GOTA which is worrying in the following:
    Update: While a representative for Disruptor Beam could not comment on the number of developers affected by the layoffs, they did share the following statement from CEO Jon Radoff with Gamasutra:

    "Today’s headcount reduction reflects increased focus at Disruptor Beam. While right-sizing is an important goal, this is not just about cutting costs. It is an opportunity to advance our strategy by focusing on two game types that we’ve had great success with: character-collection games and war games.

    "Our character-collection title, Star Trek Timelines, has been a growth engine for the company, and we plan to build even further on that success. Our recently released war game, The Walking Dead: March To War, is also very promising, and we will continue to invest in it and grow our expertise in that genre. While we’re pulling back from other project areas that don't demonstrate as much potential, this increased focus sets us up for sustainable success with a strong portfolio of free-to-play mobile games.

    "We’re deeply sad about having to let some of our staff go, and we wish them the best. Re-focusing our strategy and right-sizing the business was a difficult decision for us, and we are grateful to the entire team for their considerable contributions."

    Update #2: A source familiar with the matter estimates that roughly 30-40 people lost their jobs in this round of layoffs, accounting for as much as 30 percent of the studio. They also confirm that the layoffs were wide-ranging, affecting everyone from QA team members and artists to coders, HR staffers, and data analysts.
  • NNNN ✭✭
    yep saw that, they did a post about how they plan to keep running gota so I didn't bother to post anything about it....................but yeah I imagine the project area he is talking about pulling back from is gota (at this point can they even go further without actually discontinuing to run the game?), crap the show isn't even over yet did the hbo deal only cover a few seasons? because I don't see how you can actually come out and imply you won't be giving a game you have a contract to run the attention it needs and deserves.

    P.S I imagine they had great enough success with gota in the beginning to actually go ahead and finance moving up to other games, if gota is no longer showing great success its because of the choices they made including pulling support from the game to focus on the other games.
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