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GOT conquest, found out it came out a few days whats your thoughts?

personally I love that type of war/strategy game with troop building and castle raiding, but I never could get in the mobile version of such games , never really like the look or feel of them (seems like too much stuff happening on my little screen at once) but more than that ever since a certain few rose to riches its pretty much been the same game just with different images, combine with just how paywall heavy these types of games are (far more so with the mobile versions and all those micro payments they try to wiggle out of you) I really just can't see myself getting into it...............PLUS I FEEL LIKE I WOULD BE TURNING TRAITOR.


  • I don't know if you're on Facebook (most of us are, due to AvA) but, we had a discussion about this in The Pit, along with the video ad posted by GoT and a video review, and the consensus was mixed. Honestly, I'm too invested in GoTA to go there, and I think most other GoTA players are, too. There are some disadvantages in that game but, one of the important pluses is that you don't have to reincarnate your main character. The big thing that came out of the video review is that it is very "pillage and plunder" intensive - stronger characters and alliances constantly prey upon the weaker ones to grow, which is something we don't have to deal with here on GoTA. Apparently they DO have a "safety shield" for when a player is out of their game but, it must have it's limitations. According to the reviews of some of the players, one's game can be decimated severely if the player is not around to defend themselves, or are too weak to defend themselves. So, I think I'll stick with GoTA. At least we do have protection from that. I have to take game breaks from time to time, due to real life circumstances, and I don't like the idea of coming back to nothing if I'm gone longer than expected.
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    I am on facebook but never joined the pit
    I'm totally with you with the whole "I'm too invested in GoTA" thing
    As with all games the appeal won't be universal (I actually love the pillage and plundering, when I 1st learnt of gota I thought that's what it would be like), but I really just don't see the game adding anything new to that genre except having gota image swaps, and it is true those games take time management to a whole new level and is pretty much all about sating ones competitive nature rather than just enjoying a fun game. One type of such game I really enjoyed playing though, actually made it kind of a mix of that and dungeon style games (as you could actually use your character/hero and adventure out into the surrounding areas an dungeons to kill monsters or other players, plus you could use their special abilities and control your troops during raids....none of which seem to be offered in the pallet swap basic war game that conquest seems to be (though I've actually only watched gameplay videos on youtube).

    gota while not my ideal type of game does offer far more, even though I think it can certainly get better and db should at least invest the time needed to fix the bugs so the game runs smoothly for all of us.
    Personally I have only ever reincarnated my main account once (and that was from stark to stark *face palm*), but some people really enjoy the feature and if not for the fact certain benefits were limited to reincarnates and levels are so hard to gain back after reincarnating, it would actually be a great interesting feature rather than just something different.

    P.S since conquest only just recently came out, its actually the perfect time to get in if one hopes to be top tier latter on.........but it also means having to face all the bugs and issue as they try to iron out the game.
  • The appeal that Conquest had for me is that it seemed that you can view battles in animation in real time. I have since read reviews stating that is not the case. That was something that I initially expected from GoTA, and was really disappointed when I realized that animated play was not part of the game. I had also hoped that we could "role play" by typing in our own responses - no such luck. So far, no game touting anything to do with Game of Thrones has provided exactly what I would like. GoTA is the closest but, I would like to see improvements in the way of animation (if it's even possible). As for reincarnation, I only ever wanted to be a Targ so, I never reincarnated. Honestly, if you max-out your fealty and fully expand your buildings, and use premium gear and seals on your MC, the only thing you're losing by not reincarnating is a faster climb on the power ladder (along with the talent points and percentages, and the extra crafting abilities), and mostly AvA speed. However, it is totally do-able to max your speed in your chosen fealty talent - mine being Spy - by simply acquiring the right speed gear and seals. However, if you want to acquire sync-speed in more than one talent for AvA, you DO need to reincarnate your character, as each fealty has it's own talents and added speed. That is the ONLY advantage to playing Conquest that I can see vs GoTA, as the entire reincarnation process is sidestepped completely - you gain your strength, speed and power through other means.
  • 0 reincarnations here, and max speed on all AvA actions (and without switching gear). RI is really not necessary anymore. I think it used to be to be able to craft dragons but that's ancient history. Yes, there are some benefits to perming some talent points and the fealty buildings allow you to craft stuff in multiple places, or cheaper but it's hardly worth the time and definitely not worth giving up the progress made on higher level characters.
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  • Certainly wont be playing it thats for sure, this is enough quite honestly for me, and like Roxanne the wise said I would hate to find my whole game play decimated because I had been away for a couple of days. blah
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