Build Notes - August 8, 2018

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Build 538

Greetings Bannermen!

Today brings you Chapter 15 of the Enduring Legacy Quests: Fateful Dreams. We’ve also added two recipes to the mix: Pennyroyal to the Village Center, and Honeycakes to the Glasshouse Fealty Building.

Fixes, Improvements, and Additions!
- Tales: The Free Folk concluded.
- Quests: Enduring Legacy, Chapter 15 Implemented.
- Bonus Week: Adventures - Doubled (2x)SS XP Implemented.
- Added Pennyroyal recipe to Village Center.
- Added Honeycakes recipe to Glasshouse.

Known Issues
- Incoming Battle Log is currently displaying the XP earned by players that are attacking you.
- Opening your garrison screen has a black line where the filter is normally shown.

- The lorebook is incorrectly displaying some volumes as complete for some players.


  • AuralysAuralys ✭✭✭
    Thank you for the Pennyroyal and the Honeycakes!
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  • The Double XP does not appear to have worked for the Volume I - Level 125 and Level 150 adventures.
  • DutcherDutcher ✭✭✭
    I don't think those adventures ever got a bonus, they have always been excluded for some reason.
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  • Auralys wrote: »
    Thank you for the Pennyroyal and the Honeycakes!

    Yeah, that's awesome. Hopefully, more buildings will get similar "upgrades" soon.
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  • Dutcher wrote: »
    I don't think those adventures ever got a bonus, they have always been excluded for some reason.

    I wouldn't say always. I distinctly recall using one of those during a Bonus XP Week of long, LONG ago, specifically for the reason that it yielded more XP than any other adventure and therefore continued to have the highest value, of an even greater magnitude during the Bonus Week.

    A number of months ago (3-12?), all the other adventures had their XP values raised. (This was seemingly unannounced, perhaps even unintentional, and had no mention of it anywhere I could find.) This apparently then left those two specific adventures no longer the highest-yielding ones because of their likely-inadvertent omission. In more recent Bonus XP Weeks, these two adventures have been excluded from the event, though this also appears to be another unintentional act, especially now that their XP values are no longer particularly advantageous, but are instead lower than other adventures' standard (non-Bonus-Week) XP values, which leaves no conceivable motive for deliberate exclusion.

    It seems most likely that this has to do with the fact that those two adventures were added to Volume I years after the rest of the Volume I adventures. I suspect they were added in such a way, in such a location in the code, that they repeatedly get forgotten when a small adjustment is made to the code for Bonus XP Weeks.

    It's not of great import, since as I pointed out, they hold no advantage to being selected by a player for an XP event over any other adventure of similar or higher standard XP value, leaving the player with plenty of alternative and even better options during the Event. But I do believe this is an oversight and an easily-resolvable one that may even simply have to do with the location of parentheses.

    [Significant impact to the player would only occur if the same oversight applies during a Drop Rate Bonus Week. Specifically, if those two adventures are announced to have higher drop rates (which are not visible to the player) during such an event, the code is adjusted by DB accordingly for a list of adventures, but those two adventures are only thought by DB to be included in the list but in reality are not. Then you could have a player pursuing something under false pretenses.]
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