PtP: Stats vs. Bonus Silver

GuderianGuderian ✭✭
edited August 2018 in Roundtable
Does anyone have an analysis done on, or the data for, a comparison between PtP stats (attack or defense) and bonus silver from items/seals?

For example, if you are deciding between two items for an equipment slot on your barter defender that have similar stats but let's say you get an extra X% def from one and an extra Y% silver from the other, then at what point does the stat outweigh the silver bonus and vice versa?

In a proper analysis, I would expect there would be a graph with two intersecting lines indicating the point at which one method becomes more beneficial than the other. That's the information I'm seeking.

I have read in the past that in order to maximize your silver gain, the extra atk/def stats are favored over items/seals with "+X% silver from PtP actions", but I'm looking for the data that proves it or indicates specific numbers for mins/maxes of each method's benefit.

The generalized "official" info only suggests that the higher your stats, the more silver a barter yields, so I'm looking to the player base for some more specific information on this, as described above.
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