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Memories of GotA



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    Goodbye to all my Friends and fabulous enemies in game, it has been some of the best gaming memories for me. The social interactions have had the greatest impact on my memories of our GoT:A and will look back on them and still chuckle at all groups we all shared. Good times and Bad. I almost made it to 5 and a half years in game before it shut down and thankful we had the time we did playing this one of a kind game. I appreciate all players trying to keep it going forward, Y'all tried and for that... Thanks so much. Some of us are still communicating in chats as we all have forged new friends. Be happy we all had this time together. Peace out and keep those swords sharp as we may or may not meet on another battle field. much xxxooo♥♥♥ md aka Lorey x (P.S. I love my Llamas xxx)
  • Well I've held off from posting my memories in the hope the game would be resurrected.. alas I fear it will be no more.. my heart is saddened by the end of times and my watch being over. I started this game as a way of escape after buying an xbox and being unable to gain access to it as my partner and her son were constantly on it and there was no room for a third player.. two's a company threes a crowd.

    I never liked online games and felt uncomfortable about interacting with others due to low self esteem and shyness. I didn't like the thought of playing an MMO or strategy game.. just not my type of game.. but a point and shoot was! 5 years 4 months ago within two days of playing I was hooked..

    I created an alliance of one called solitude and was happy at that. I plodded along and reincarnated by accident and to my dismay started over. I started getting alliance invites and ravens I never answered but then I got a curious raven from someone who had been watching my activity and asked if I wanted to join a progressive alliance. I bit the bullet and replied "why not". I joined Westeros Reborn. I rose quickly through the ranks becoming First Hand and co-leader. As the game progressed I was drawn in further and it became an obsession causing a rift between my partner and I. It was ok for me to sit there and watch them play as long as I was doing nothing to distract them by all this clicking!

    I was then persuaded to create a Facebook page (Didn't like the idea) as ravens and alliance chat became unreliable and the leader wanted direct conversations with me in our own private chat to develop strategies and war orders.. AvA had arrived! We were approached by "Fiddy" who suggested a merge as we were constantly in the top 5. We decided against it.. we could do this alone.

    Things took a different direction when the leader declared her amorous intentions towards me and I was flattered.. we struck up an online relationship and all was good.. escapism at the highest level... However... my online relationship was soon discovered and I was homeless!

    I kept playing at work but was taking risks.. I had the perfect excuse.. I teach Games Development and used GOTA as an example how online games work.. well that was my excuse. My ex hacked my FB account and it was time to leave my main and start afresh with a new account and a Pseudonym account... Stygg Thorne was born...

    The leader was not pleased as I kept a low profile and out of the alliance as my ex had infiltrated the alliance with several characters.. Things went belly up again and I was out alone again.. I started another alliance but was looking for somewhere to call home.. I joined The real wolves of the North.. I had a few years of fun there.. I resurrected my old original character and started to serial reincarnate.. Axell Brax was reborn.. 336 times to be precise.. I wanted more for him than the wolves could give. As I was leaving I developed another deep relationship yet again but I was off to join Umbrae Siccari.. with my Alt..

    I then ended up Mercing with my main and joined Baratheons Bastards.. although not an officer there it was again a place to call home :) Axell had leveled up to full CP and GP ready for battle with everything permed and 27 min timers in all disciplines and swords ready to level up and enough to cover all specialties... uh oh.. we regret to inform you the game will be closing :(

    Despite the heartbreak, tears and sadness for the loss of the game.. It has played a major part in shaping my life.... I have learnt a lot of life lessons, developed a lot of friendships, lost others, improved my self esteem and become a better person for the experience..

    Thank you Disruptor Beam for the part you have played in my life ..the good and the bad... you will forever be remembered..
    World rank #2
    Total reincarnations: 336
    42 Stark,42 Lannister, 42 Greyjoy, 42 Baratheon, 42 Targaryen,42 Martell, 42 Tyrell, 42 Tully
  • It has been a little more than a week since Kickstart failed. I just finished going back through my Activity Log on my profile page. Every time I signed on to Ascent, it left a "Played Game Of Thrones Ascent" message in the Log. Every time I marked a collected Kings Gift with a heart, it put a picture of the KG on the Log. Every time I asked a question on one of the GoTA forums it put the blog in the Log. Every time I helped some other Newbie get oriented on the Alliance page, it put it on the Log. Every time I added a Friend/Player it put it on the Log. My first GoTA Log, said I "Liked" GoTA on Kongregate before I realized I could play from my FB page. Wow, I do not even remember the day I first discovered it on Kong. Looking at the time stamp, I was surprised to see I had played about 16 months. I had been playing five other games about once a day, before I started GoTA. It replaced them all, so I guess you could say I liked it.

    What the Log does not show, is all the times I visited GoTA Wiki to read a dozen pages on some process that eventually became very simple as the days went by. Some of that info was as old as the game, so I got a sense of game's history from Wiki. Things like, GoTA started with only five Houses, and no AvA. And it added things as the books and TV series got more complicated. Every question Wiki answered, was followed by five more questions from players. Reading Wiki made me curious about the Developer, and Disruptor Beam's company history too. That's when I found the forums here (at DB), and whatever company news they had. From there, I started running the Search Engines and saving certain Sites to my Browser's Favorites.

    Search Engines got me to old non-FB based GoTA sites, like GoTA Exposed, where I learned about some HTML scripts that I would eventually use every day. Scripts that saved a lot of time, like; how to divorce your inactive Spouse, and how to add yourself to an active player's in-game Friend List . Or profitable scripts like, how to add a dead account or banned player to your List, so that you can Swindle it 15 times a day. Eventually all that info was added to Wiki, but Wiki eventually had 150,000 pages and nobody could find anything except by accident. :) But Search Engines also got me to some of the oldest and perhaps long ago dead, GoTA Alliance pages, which had tons of information in their files: like Swindle Lists that were grouped according to player resistance. And, articles on "How to extract the most information out of the game by using your Chrome browser." And finally they led me to the Inventory Exporter app, that was coming out of a banned site in good old Yugoslavia. Eventually that app became mainstream knowledge too, and someone updated it several times. Wow... the game's oldest players taught me a lot, and I will not forget it very soon.

    However. I knew I would not play forever. As a young man, trying to become a professional athlete; the day came when just the thought of getting up early and doing it all again, made me want to puke. So, every trick I learned, I gave away and I moved on. I made a religion of it, for the rest of my life. I PO'ed a lot of coaches, and self-proclaimed experts and even old friends who continued to hammer their heads against their glass ceiling for decades after I had departed. I played GoTA the same way, and like always; I made enemies for sticking to my generous behavior. I suppose that, is close to what players meant when they said there was "bad blood" between players. As I write this, I am deleting all GoTA from my Log. I can see how kind and friendly we were in 2017, as I delete the conversations. I can see all the Love I gave to DB as I Unlike all the KGs. As I Unfriend the players, I can see the dropouts along the way and the ones who went down swinging. At this point, it does not matter who quit, who was the biggest hypocrite, who lied about being sad, or who got drunk on a Friday night and said senseless things about how wonderful they are. Some of the people who said rotten things, did good things. And some of the people who said good things, did rotten things. So I guess, once I delete them all......

    Its a tie.

    So to whom do I say, "Goodbye, and I hope we will meet again." To whom? To who? To what? To the characters I pledged, to all the GoTA websites deleted from my Favorites list, and to this Forum.
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    I miss the forums, even with this ugly white and blue, it was nice to have a dozen threads on different topics to read or react to.
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  • Bruh, I missed my wave. I forgot to pull out my 250 before passing out six hours ago. Sorry fam, my bad. I was sending for sixteen hours a day all weekend though and I defended for us most of Sunday night. Man this coffee so good though. Why is chat so fooking dead right now? Everybody in zombie mode and we only second day in. Fookin noobs don't remember the single send days. The Goat just slid through with the crew wiped our defenders and and burnt the camp before I blink. Why wasn't someone clicking through the tabs every 26 minutes? It's amature hour in this mf. Dang who the fook invited that bish merc with us this phase? Miss you guys, hope you're all doing well. Sippin a drank and got to thinking about you. <3 Good times.
  • I played Gota for nearly 6 years, so I could write an equally long memoir, but Pilar summed up my experience perfectly in just one sentence: "I spent more then I intended to, but got way more then I expected." Touche that.

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  • I miss you my beautiful dragons! House Redwyne forever!! B)

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  • I still think about this game and how I’ll never see it again. I went from a lost puppy to a reluctant leader with friends guiding me the whole way. I still talk to them, even with no game between us. The generosity, the political intrigue, the team work... this game wasn’t perfect, but... It. Was. Perfect. I wish this game would come back and fill this little while I have in my day.
  • Well come on over and play Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming. Im in 'Ashen Fury' in Kingdom 17
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