Goodbye from Dontos! And thoughts on Kingdom Ascent...

Well, it's been a blast playing GoTA for the last few years, especially since we formed Dontos and were able to play the game the way that we wanted to. After being in various alliances (big and small), I wanted an alliance that played hard but real life came first, where we would compete as much as possible, but where people didn't feel pressure to play to the point it made things stressful or affected their real life. We had people with mental health issues and bereavements discussing them with fellow members, publicly and privately and we managed to keep drama to a minimum and lost very few players if we didn't want them to leave. Overall I'm very happy and proud of what Dontos achieved, several 3rd places, several superlatives and a somewhat tarnished (although I think we would have done it anyway) 2nd place in the very last phase. I hope (and believe) that we earned some respect from other alliances but most of all, I know that we had lots of fun doing it without resorting to scripting, cheating or bullying.

It's sad to see the game go but really the Kingdom Ascent Kickstarter ended pretty much where I predicted it would. The regular, daily player count was down a lot towards the end and really it was a relatively small number of players shouting loudly about continuing the game. Really, the whole idea of Kingdom Ascent was massively flawed considering that a small number of very powerful players would influence the game to suit the way that they wanted to play and would also start with a huge advantage (lots of gold, multiple accounts, high-level etc.) compared to others. As for trying to get new players involved? I have no idea why anyone thought that people who hadn't played the game would be willing to contribute and play a game when they could just wait several months and play for free...and considering the constant complaints and whinging from some of you, you might think that GoTA is one of the worst games in the history of games. So, I predicted around 1,000 people would contribute (I was wrong by 1) and I predicted it would fall well short of the total required (it got around 20%). Good try people (and I do respect you for trying), but the game was screwed long before by cheating, negativity and boring gameplay that people discovered in order to "win".

Sad to see the game go, but glad and proud that Dontos played the game on our own terms and we went out that way by sticking it out and getting a 2nd place too.

Goodbye Game of Thrones Ascent and goodbye fellow players!


  • ZeppZepp ✭✭✭
    There were issues with the game, beyond the horrendous name. I also thought that they they showed a lack of listening in setting up the game and had goals that went beyond what was feasible. It would also be hard to sell it as a new game to new members when legacy accounts had dozens of Colossal Dragons and other gear...

    I am glad to hear you enjoyed the games final days, and hope that you have developed long-lasting friendships.
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  • Totally agree Zepp. I think some of the heavy hitting players couldn't see past the end of their own noses. Many of the requests they made over time (like PtP parties) were things that would benefit their style of playing but weren't good for the game (e.g. PtP would just make it too easy to get silver). They couldn't seem to accept that they were a tiny minority of the overall players, even though they accounted for the vast majority of posts in the various forums.

    Why would a new player want to play a game that has been shaped BY and FOR a level 5,000 player with 1,000 SS (many max level), 20 colossal dragons, amazing gear and possibly a lot of gold from paying a high amount into the Kickstarter campaign? There are plenty of games out there and I didn't see anyone prominent in the KA campaign talking about what would attract new members or get the less hardcore players to part with at least $25 each. I even tried to help a little at the beginning, but was shouted down, so I gave up and waited for it to fail.

    Hope you made some good friendships too! We still have our Facebook page and chat open, although people keep drifting out of them and they are not exactly very active...but a few of us are playing a different game now, so it's good to keep some of us together at least.
  • Still miss it. First game I ever played. Totally dislike the build a farm build a hospital get a bubble games. I liked the gota format. I would have liked to keep my character but could have cared less about all the other stuff. It would have been like reincarnating lol hey ho. Some good times were had along the way.
  • I figure this be as good a spot as any, missed coming back to game before the end but had fun play till life got in the way. had fun
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