GoTA Community Game Preference Survey

Dear all retired GoTA players,

I would like to invite you all to participate "GoTA Community Game Preference Survey".

This survey is made by volunteer who played GoTA. (not by devs). This is voluntary survey study, not related to Kingdom Ascent.

The aim of this survey is to identify any potential key game features which GoTA community preferred. We want to find a suitable place to play together again. We don't want feel lost, the collected data should be assist to understand ourselves what direction should we go.

By collecting and summarizing data, survey report will be published on remaining major GoTA community groups in facebook.

Anyone who used to play GoTA are all welcome to do the survey. =)
(Yes, you are welcome to share to your friends even they have quitted GoTA years ago!) :)

Thank you! <3

Thanks for participate and helping the community preference survey! <3<3<3

The analysis report will require longer time in data consolidation...
(Manually handle few hundred data alone, and I need focus on real life for a while... :'( )

Valar Dohaeris.

Thank you for your attention.



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    FAQ (frequently-asked questions) of GoTA Community Game Preference Survey:

    Q. Who make this survey?
    A: This survey is made by player, not developers.


    Q. There's no point to do survey, game is already over, game is dead. Kingdom Ascent project is not successful. We must move on to other games!
    A: Agree. Game is over. Kickstarter is over. This survey is not related to Kingdom Ascent, it's purely study for GoTA players. To find out any potential key features are important for us, in order to help us to search a suitable game to continue our adventure.


    Q. Can I fill survey one more times?
    A: No! Please do not do duplicate survey, that'll greatly increase workload. This study is managed by one person ... :'(


    Q. Help! I don't understand the terms! I never play those game genres, what are they?
    A: Please do to wikipedia to search terminology's meanings or ask your friends.


    Q. This survey is flawed, no good!
    A: Yes, this survey is not perfect. (already did huge fix in draft...) Please try your best to do it! :)


    Q: Troll?
    A: No, this is serious survey, please do not troll. Remember, not much people in community are still willing to attempt voluntary task to serve for community atm.


    Q: Will you transfer data to developers?
    A: No, after data collection. The conducted survey report will be published on remaining major GoTA related community groups.


    Q: I dislike / don't know you. Why do I need to do survey?
    A: Because you played GoTA, belong to the community. You can hate me personally, but you are invited to participate this survey study. ;)


    Q: Can I share this survey to my GoTA friends?
    A: Sure! Please do! Every respond is important! <3


    Q: Opps, the survey is fulled? What should I do?
    A: Please contact me asap, the survey will be renewed soon to resume data collection. If you fail to fill survey, please wait couples hours (or next day) to find any updated link.

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