How do you spend your gold, from start? Also what packages do/did you value buying?

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  • Having bought many, many packages, I feel the Tales gold packages are the best bang for your actual, real money. You get a full set of items, all at top end for points (40 points in Battle/Trade/Intrigue). If you don’t have any Peerless items, these will now be your most powerful gear. In addition, you get 12 Tales seals. And the gold to open all the seal slots. Not only is this a big buff to any SS or MC, but the value it adds to Tales events is truly massive. It is not just the buffs to Tales challenges. A full set of Peerless Tales gear, with 3 of each type of Peerless seals, almost doubles the Renown your SS earns! This will make it easier for you to earn more gold and gear from Tales. It is almost like earning interest on the money you spent in game.

    Next best are speed packages. Boosting your MC overall speed is the one of the best things you can do. look for Tyrion’s Hand Pin, and Seals of the Seven/ Mark of R’hllor. Seals of the Seven pop up from time to time in the Shop, Marks of R’hllor in the Daily Gold offers.
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    Go for the Targ armor and weapons pack (if you don’t already have any , and you enjoy doing the luck crafts)......for the dang longest I have been waiting for a return of the weapons offer, where you get one of each targ weapon and 6 Orys seals (if I recall correctly).

    In my opinion the tales gear aren’t worth it, if you need some peerless items you could buy 2 of the $10 four peerless items offer....tales gear take forever to pay off their investment, and that’s if it actually helps you get a higher rank with better gold payout (if all it helps you do is go from 24k renow to 60k, then you gain the 10 gold extra from the 60k rewards but you might not make it into top 1k for the extra 25gold.....definitely not if you just go from 24k to 48k).
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    You just gotta kind of decide what you want of your character (well rounded, an expert fighter/vanguard, fastest in the land, riches of all, level 5000 glassman, etc) then buy the gear that helps bring that about.......once that’s done you can just buy whatever items you like (even if you only like it because of its owner) and slap then on some ss or go for the random packs and see what wonders you end up with.

    P.S db’s best sellers are the dragon&targ epquipment crafting offers.
  • It really depends on what your game plan is - and what you are most involved in doing.

    The Targ items are great for AvA, but it's a long-term crafting investment. Looks like you have at least one dragon, so growing that to at least adolescent would be good. Also, finish getting all the fealties.

    I would recommend making Lightbringer and Jon Snow's Lord Commander gear in the Treasury myself. It's pretty good gear for your main, with speed and character/sword sword bonuses. You have to buy the base gear, and you will need Baratheon's Feast and Tyrell's Arbor to craft parts needed - they are luck based, but not as high as the Targ gear. The final crafts are not luck, so once you have all the parts you will have the gear.
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  • I try to spend my gold on improving my character and peerless sworn swords as best as I can.I never spend gold on Tales gear though,Tales remains a side game for me not the my method is rather slow and plodding.
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    I have a noobie question, is there any other way to get gold other than buying with real money?
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    Myrdulf wrote: »
    I have a noobie question, is there any other way to get gold other than buying with real money?

    @Myrdulf Yes! You get 5 gold from logging in for 7 days straight, you get 2 gold as a personal VP reward, you can play Tales. There is a tales starting today actually, you can earn gold through the personal renown rewards, and by placing above rank 2500. Gold can also be earned through King's Gifts on rare occasions.
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    thanks a lot!
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