Seals & boons bonuses to the Maxes

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Hi you can remind here details for:

- attack or defenses bonus : if not specified, are those seals bonus applying for adv, tales, quests, ptp and alliances for all cases??
- speed : attacks (or defense) or items (tactical) bonuses
Bread craft example : you select all 4 speed tactical bonuses you get them all applied to 'neutral' items.
I've been told those bonuses apply in all circumstances if not else stated

Finally what are the maximum %
- for speed mods: craft and quests (and adventures)
- for XP: SSs and main char
- for superior items
+/-70% for all? where to see mode values % (apart some in achievement tab)? What mod is best on char between char xp bonus and SS xp bonus?
- att/def skills mod : is there a max, being currently at +93%
+ all other bonuses unmentionned

Subsidiary question : the 8% bonus in 25% of the case should apply in tales but how is that (for member of the technical staff)

Looking to get all those bonuses in one place with a small program still in how to proceed way.
Gota misses a 1 page compendium of all tips
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