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  • Thanks Nod!
    Appreciate all you did for the game while you were here!
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    It was interesting and thanks for all your hard work in our game, Nod. Never a dull moment. Take care. :)
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    Thanks Nod, for everything. I now have RL friends around the world. Last year i visited one in Portugal. We has a great time. I miss you and will miss the game.
    An old Goat, Robin Black Hood.
    p.s. I have some of those pics of you in NYC with The Black Goat and others :-)
    I kept my first SS
  • One of my favorite memories was the World Event. That was one of the best times here ever!

    I also remember one time I contacted a Mega of old days... A thousand eyes and one. I told them Deep Lake members were trying to get some achievements by having level 20 camps in all regions. I said they were the only alliance I saw also in every region and would they please help us with barters and bribes. ( Back then bribes were beneficial) and they did. They were kind enough to help a little tiny alliance. I will never forget that. Mad respects and hats off to you where ever you are <3
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    The best phase was the one time the Megas stayed out of the top ten in a single region! Arranged by William Wilkns. It was the most fun ever!! When we got the Gilded Dawn title at the Goodbye party to our leader and friend. Even the other alliances in the region were thrilled to not have to compete against the megas for once. Straight up party phase.
  • It's been a while, and my voice is one which matters not in the scheme of things. But, I am nostalgic. It seems impossible that this was my first experience with MMOs and that I was determined to stay away from the social side of the game. You guys are scary...

    But I was pulled into a group and named, and for a while it seemed like everything I touched would turn to dust because I seemed to have an uncanny talent for walking into every frailty in an alliance. I watched in horror as they blew up. And then I started Stonedancers and met Karl, whom no one had ever heard of and off we went on adventures. Usually apart, finally together.

    At the end of the day, GoTA gave me something I needed. Someplace to go, something to do, someone to be.

    My mistakes are my own. My victories aren't. They are the result of a very talented set of friends who allowed me the greatest gift of all. They encouraged me to be myself. So, to Xaene, Watty, and Jabroni who created Banshee, to Nenya who was ever my co-leader, to the Black Goat and ALL the Goats, to Dragonglass Citadel, to ravens that created friends, and enemies. To all those who ran with me, and to those who ran against me. To the Minstrels. To the Stonedancers. To my brother and sister. To you all. I raise my glass.

    You can find me in some icy stream, washing the armor of those who will die, so they can go to the seven clean.
  • It was late Sep 2018. I was browsing around when I saw an advertisement for a Game of Thrones browser game. My curiosity was piqued so I registered and started playing. I do not have Facebook, I registered for an account on DB's official website.

    All in all, it was a pay to win (or pay to not wait) game. I was away on a brief vacation and tried to play the game on my phone. It was a pain because the game wasn't optimised for mobile play, and internet access was spotty. All I did was collect silver whenever possible before the counting house overflowed, and squeezed in a few building upgrades.

    On the last day of my vacation, I saw the in-game announcement that the game would be kaput early next year. There was plenty of weeping and gnashing of teeth on this forum, especially from the veterans who had poured plenty of cash and emotions into this game over the years.

    The music and sound effects in this game are good, but a bit repetitive at times. I usually muted them when I play.

    The artwork is fantastic: of places, NPCs, character portraits, cutscenes, items etc. If/when this game goes kaput, the ARTWORK must be preserved and be given free to fans as a souvenir.

    It's a shame there's no portrait pictures of the characters in the tv show e.g. a hand drawn picture of Peter Dinklage to represent Tyrion. I guess HBO or some other legal entity representing those actors jealously guard their image rights.
  • This game and more so it's player community helped me tremendously during points of being sick over the past five years. I think Bilbo said it better than I ever could. "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve." <3
  • It appears there's still a chance that GoTA could survive:

    Please participate in the survey.

    CEO of DB posted it 2 days ago on FB and allowed us to share it.
    Add me as a friend.

    My player ID: 159443
  • One of my favorite memories was the World Event. That was one of the best times here ever!

    I also remember one time I contacted a Mega of old days... A thousand eyes and one. I told them Deep Lake members were trying to get some achievements by having level 20 camps in all regions. I said they were the only alliance I saw also in every region and would they please help us with barters and bribes. ( Back then bribes were beneficial) and they did. They were kind enough to help a little tiny alliance. I will never forget that. Mad respects and hats off to you where ever you are <3

    1K1 were truly an awesome Mega. I well recall the struggle for a small alliance to get enough mats and spoils to upgrade (all those militia/traders/eavesdroppers!) and having generous members join to drop mats or share spoils afterwards so we could run the AC's
  • I was introduced to the GoT in 2014.

    2014 was a particular testing year for me, having been diagnosed with oral cancer which returned 3 times in 10 months. GoT was one of the things that gave me the the desire to get up and want to do something during those atrocious days of pain, chemo and aggressive nuclear radio therapy. Those who know cancer will know that sometimes just the idea of opening your eyes or even breathing becomes a mountainous chore.

    GoT gave me the means find the WILL and DESIRE to want to survive, thank you!
    I never got to even hatch a dragon though _

    Like you i joint GoTA when i was waiting for an organ transplant and then happily recovering, i owe a lot of thanks to the DB team for helping keep me sane in the wee quiet hours during my worst days. simply thanks for your great game.
  • I started playing it pretty late .That was first game of this type i enjoyed so much. I didnt expect it to be so good. One day i was watching the GOTA news and saw this.I felt like i lose old friend.I didnt even consider that game which lasted so long and was GOT heaven for fans would ever get shut down.
    In my opinion it is a shame that rains will weap over its halls.Is shut down really necessary? And will we be able to play it again some day ? I had such a good time it.
  • It's been awhile since I posted in these forums, but it would be a shame if the game went offline without me contributing one last post...

    I originally joined GoTA because I saw one of my friends was playing it. Then came The Doom - the big crash in March 2013. While many players left, fed up with bugs and crashes, I think that was when the GoTA community really began pulling together and bonding. Over the next 3 months, several players really began contributing ideas, researching bugs, and constantly pushed for game expansion. Despite all the gripes and complaints from many players, I found it to be a pretty exciting time. How many of us who aren't hardcore gamers ever get to see a game grow like GoTA did, let alone have a chance to actually contribute or influence how the game developed? I had the sense that many players really latched onto that. There was a definite passion in the forums back then. Sometimes it caused us to butt heads with each other. But all of us cared very deeply about GoTA. Despite any of our differences, reflecting back on that first year, I can't help but feel a bond of kinship with many of those players who stuck around for the entire run.

    If the game does go down permanently and without some sort of non-GoT revival, it will be that first Spring that the game launched which I will fondly reflect back on -- bumps, hiccups, bugs, and all.
  • Oh, and BTW...

    What happened to my title of Hodor? :p LOL
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    Game of Thrones Ascent makes no sense. When first released there were days that it was virtually unplayable. The players continued to come. Features introduced took time to work. Exploits internal and external led to easy arakhs, infinitely trained swords, PtP shenanigans, etc. Controversies ticked players off consistently from the first AvA through witch trial bans. Time consuming and hopelessly biased towards those whom contributed the most monetarily, especially freaking tales. They continued to come, and click.

    Throughout everything, The DB team from Jon Radoff to Nod to Khatie to Shan and many others did seem to listen to the audience. Features were constantly added and the game evolved beyond the source material. Balance was attempted and unintended issues were tackled as soon as possible. Tie-ins to Facebook and Kongregate led to alliances that developed into long term friendships between people across the world.

    The kickstarter for a follow-on isn’t doing well. I hoped that it would be different. I don’t play like I used to and it’s been years but I still log on most days and have been playing even more since the end was announced. I never played an online, alliance based game before Game of Thrones Ascent and I was hooked. I joined an alliance on accident, became active and then an officer. I moved to a smaller alliance, became an officer making friends that I interact with to this day. For a long time I got to lead one of the top alliances in the game dealing with issues in a way that felt like a decent sized company middle manager. I made it into the mid 40s in power as a "free" player.

    There isn’t anything like Game of Thrones Ascent. The source material? The gameplay? Disruptor Beam? The players? A combination of everything. Now that it’s ending my mouse will likely last many times longer per battery change and I’ll be a little sad as a result. Thank you Game of Thrones Ascent. - Etienne Rivers
  • I first heard of Game of Thrones watching a promotion for the third season of the HBO series. It looked interesting, so after turning HBO on I proceeded to binge watch from the first season through to the end of the third. For me, nothing else worth watching on HBO, so it was off again until the fourth and that cycle repeated until the end of last year's seventh season. At that point, it was up to two years to wait for the last season, so I searched for something to maintain the GOT lore. I guess I could have started reading the books, but I'm not much of a reader, and then I stumbled across Game of Thrones Ascent on a Facebook promotion. That was last year in October. As a newbie, I joined exclusively for the continuing lore of series. The quests had a nice tie-in with the series, and one could actually immerse oneself in the GOT universe. I did join an alliance when the game wanted me to do so, but I just chose one at the top of the list with a lot of players, and frankly didn't interact that much with the other alliance members, as there was no attempt to interact with me, and leadership seemed long gone. 3 months in to the game, and I attempted my first participation in AvA. It was hard to understand what was going on as there was no coordination from alliance missing leadership, and the only means of communication seemed to be the alliance chat box. As January rolled around, I received a raven from an ex member of that alliance inviting me to join another, smaller alliance that claimed to be more active in supporting their membership, and they did. I finally learned some of the ins and outs of AvA and began to enjoy that portion of the game as my progress in the quests entered chapter 13. They also used the Discord chat system to coordinate more rapidly with their active members, especially during AvA's. That alliance became a mashup of three alliances with very knowledgeable players. One of the groups decided to pull back and focus exclusively on AvA. Since I had, by that time, completed all the remaining quests of the chapter, and elevated my character to level 800 with a nice cadre of sworn swords, I went with them and remain to this date. We faced the AvA battles as a single alliance as well as ventured out as mercenaries to join with other alliances to gain higher rankings (during one such event, we placed 3rd overall). It was an eye opener to the sub-culture that existed around the AvA events, with chatrooms on Facebook some of the darker side of the tactics, but also some of the relationships that had developed only because of this game and events. Along the way I also created an "alt" I originally had seen no advantages to doing so, as all of my time online had been spent developing my character and SS's. But I had never even considered reincarnation, and some of our alliance members urged me to try it. So my second character was born with the intention of becoming a serial reincarnator. That was July, and by now it has reincarnated through all the fealtys but one; I stopped at the last offer to allow it to build up some inventory for the potential move to Kingdom Ascent if the game's development is successful from the Kickstarter. All in all, I've enjoyed the trip to this destination. There are other games that promote a similar experience, but since I have contributed to the KS for KA, I'll wait and see if it is successful, and hope that it does.
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    This Game has meant more to me than just something to play online. I suffer from severe PTSD and this game has been very therapeutic. Fight or Flight. I run/fly here to escape and I kill/fight something to calm down. No real harm done in RL and it literally helps keep me safe and sane... Now what am I going to do?? How will I cope?? Panic has started to set in.....

    I would also like to Sincerely Thank WICA (Winter Is Coming Alliance) and their little sister Nymeria's Pack. They took in a newbie and taught me what the game was really about and how to be an honest part of something bigger. I didn't want to be a scared pup cowering under the porch, I wanted to get out and Run with the Wolves, to grow, to become stronger and a survivor. They quickly made me feel like family. Enough so, that my husband Spot even joined in the fun.
    I Love each and every one of my Pack Mates in both WICA & Nymeria's Pack.
    Thank You from the bottom of my soul!!!!! This old Biker Mama will never forget the help, support & Love you have given me and my family.
  • I played alone, a wanderer, between alliances for a long time. Then I found a group of people that became very special to me. I was accidentally kicked out of the alliance during an AvA and Corenna Rambton actually bought me a gift of 10 gold as an apology. I took the mantle (if not the responsibilities) of Alliance Leader after Leyla Hornwood spread her wings to leave and grow. I couldn't bear the thought of the alliance disbanding, and I still can't to this day. We've become closer than what such a simple online game should warrant and I will miss them dearly, as I will miss this game.
  • Having been a fan of the books and of the TV show, when I saw the advertisement for the game on Facebook I was very excited to play it, but guardedly reserved as well, since these games are rarely as good as they are advertised to be, and....WOW!!! what a ride, here I am, almost 6 years later saying goodbye to a game that took me on a whirlwind of fun, frustration, anger, amazement, joy, HELL!!! all the emotions. I remember being a clueless alliance leader during the old AvA days, merging that alliance with Wolves Rule the North and winning a region, crafting my first dragon and literally leaping out of my chair in exultation thinking it strange to be celebrating making something that is virtual, not real, but that feeling of accomplishment was real. I remember cobbling together equipment and seals that gave me my first 27 minute timer (only in Fight mind you) and even though I had less GP than others, I was making more VP than anyone else because I could send and send and send. I remember taking a ragtag lot of people from multiple alliances, we merged them as one fighting unit and our first phase together winning a region, fighting it out, syncing attacks to the last day, then the next phase winning another region without a single sync, we came out of nowhere. But those things are fleeting, just memories now, kept alive by war stories in an alliance chat, by people that I call my friends, that same ragtag lot that means a lot to me.
  • After reading some of the newer comments here, I feel compelled to mention the regret I feel.

    The past 3 years have been very tumultuous for me in real life. Despite that, I always planned to return to GoTA once real life became stable again. Only at the end of this past August did I regain consistent internet access. I had been out of work for substantial time, so in August I managed to land part-time work. Then a month later, I was contacted by an organization asking me to apply for a position with them. Now it's December. I have a full-time job with full benefits, and often work overtime. I bought an SUV the day after Thanksgiving. I moved into a larger apartment. My life is the best that it's been in roughly 8 years.

    But now that life is good again, GoTA is leaving us. I have many unfinished goals. Life simply prevented me from pursuing them within game. I really wanted to finish my reincarnation runs. I wanted to finish hatching that dragon, and begin working on the second dragon. During my last stretch of frequent activity, I was beginning to find my role in AvA by supporting other alliances with my 1-man alliance. I was hoping to turn that into joining a larger alliance where I could contribute in a support role behind the heavy hitters. I wanted to finish equipping my Sworn Swords with seals, and to evolve various items. There is just so much that I never got to finish. Now I'm in a position where I could put both time and money into the game, but what's the point?

    I'm not blaming DB. I understand why the game is leaving. I'm just very sorry to see it go. It's like having someone die before you ever tell them all the meaningful words you really wanted to say. Unfortunately, because of the new apartment and the car, I haven't been in a position to contribute to the Kickstarter fund. The game is scheduled to be taken down before I can afford to contribute. Hence, one more regret.

    There was a time when everyone knew I bled fire and blood for this game. Sometimes it was a bit too much fire, but that comes from passion. I backed away to focus more on playing the game, then found myself in a position where I couldn't even do that. I still have some of that passion though. I'm mourning a game that I never got to fully explore the way I wanted to. That's why I had to return to the forums -- to pay homage not only to the game I loved, but the game I considered my home online.
  • A small group of my FB friends from secondlife invited me to this game way back in 2013 at a time I was looking for something new. I played with them for a few months but it was apparent no one knew what they were doing and had already started dropping out. I became curious about this "Alliance vs Alliance" thing and left "Wolves of Winter" and looked for and found a mid-sized alliance -- "We Are Not Serfs". I learned the bones of the game and explored many of its mechanics and features and shared what I was learning and quickly became part of Lindy's small council. After one particularly bloody phase against the scourge of that day (Red Viper's Bannermen) we combined with The Outcasts. Lindy's friends "Those Who Follow the Stars" somehow got invited as well and thus the birth of "A Thousand Eyes and One." I hated that name. I had a rough time on that small council and after one phase Lindy let off a sizable splinter group to form Dragonglass Citidel. I liked that name better and we had several good and fun phases although we seemed to attract the attention of one particularly troublesome alliance -- "Minstrels of Mayhem" wreaked havoc on us for thee entirety of the Eel Phase. We finally eeked out a regional second place finish thanks to help to Jen and friends at Elyssi Dracarys.

    From my days at We Are Not Serfs, I had made an alt so that I could experiment with different gear and attack myself and see the results. Raygar was a Targ loyalist and I planted him in a different alliance ran by the same originator as We Are Not Serfs. Winnie Wylde was running The Wildlings which was basically an open alliance of alts and noobs. During 1K1 phase, I noticed I was actually having more fun playing with the Wildlings than I was in the new mega alliance. We weren't winning anything, but it was fun having two small alliances kick each other in the nuts repeatedly until one hollered and bent the knee.

    Eel Shock was a pivotal phase for many reasons. It was the last phase of the 'old old' AvA-- the days when you had to click EACH time for EACH sword to attack pretty much like PtP. It was also the last phase where an aggressor could be an aggressor without building a camp of any sort. It was also the first 'mini phase' - 4 days long as opposed to 2-3 WEEKS! Yeah...we actually did that. Spent WEEKS clicking for AvA! Is it any wonder that long-time veterans are insane? Dragonglass was getting thrashed in our own region but all eyes were on Dorne where Elyssi was squared off against the campless Sand Snakes. Without a higher camp to attack there was a stand-off and no one wanted to build higher at the risk of becoming the target. Also at stake in Dorne was a set of nifty extra-wound gear that was unusual and generous for an AvA prize. We made a decision to abandon our Dragonglass goals and build that level 20 camp in Dorne for Elyssi and so the race for farming was truly borne. It had existed before but took on an entirely new look after this phase. We built the camp and combined our numbers with Elyssi to pull out a controversial victory. Apparently some Sand Snakes had been scripting and were penalized a substantial amount of VP before the end of the phase.
    It would have been nice to let the phase play out to see if could have beaten then despite the scripting.
    The 'Darkside - Lightside' was about to be born.

    End of Part 1
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    Part 2 of my little Chronicle

    So Elyssi Dracaris now became a mega alliance with the addition of Dragonglass Citadel . In a strange twist, Winnie was tired of leading the Wildlings and so Elyssi gained the dozen or so active members from there as well so my characters were again rejoined for a few months. But alts were much more controversial then as there were rules. Winnie, who had several alts of her own, ended up splitting off (again) and forming the True Wildlings and I sent Raygar off there, again to enjoy some small AvA.

    Being in the small council of Elyssi was very educational as I was privy to many of the machinations of what passed for diplomacy. I was a strategist, who explored the game and different ways of doing things. My alt in the small alliance allowed a lot more freedom to discover than my main in the big alliance where you had to all fall in line in order to win regions. And that inevitably meant farming deals. "You build a camp for me in this region, we'll build one for you in that region ." We eventually squared off against Kong's Landing for an overall title that was an epic clickfest campaign that involved bring in new members from many different alliances (including Banshee from the Minstrels, who I still wanted to kill). We came up short in that one, but there was a clear divide in Westros.

    I'm not going to chronicle the rise of the Goats here as this is already epic-ally long enough. Suffice it to say that I spent many hours, days and weeks attempting to strategize against Karl and his elite horde. There was a sort of religious anti-goat zeal that I found quite off-putting. While it was fun (and frustrating) trying to outwit and outplay him, often the desire to hunt and kill goats got in the way of the actual fun of the game, at least for me. There were many times where I wanted to try something else, somewhere else, but the rest of the council was fixated on bringing down that one single entity. Lindy ended up going back to Dragonglass Citadel with a small group but I stayed a while longer in Elyssi to witness the downfall and rise of several other mega alliances and personalities.

    I was still having more fun in the smaller, leaner True Wildlings with my alt. In fact, Winnie took off for several weeks and in frustration, Raygar seized control. And that was a turning point for that alliance as I began cultivating some new leadership there. Many of those folks that started as noobs in the Wildlings would become members in the small councils of other large alliances including the Goats and Shagga and their associated splinters. You know who you are. I ended up leaving Elyssi before it morphed into its "unchained" iteration. Jen and Lindy have both long left the game but they were some special gals in those early days. I often clashed with alliance leaders but those two seemed to tolerate me better than most.

    True Wildlings became Vice and Ire which became Black Sparrows which became Aegon Our Faces.

    I did a short tour with the Goats before moving on. For about a year I ended up traveling and mercing for several small alliances for a phase or two before moving on and had a lot of great fun. Meeting those awesome folks in the smaller, lesser known but open and friendly alliances is what kept me playing the game when so many others were dropping out. Castle Deep Lake, Dragonglass, Guardian of the Direwolf Den, Wolves of the Wierwood, Knights of the Stag, Rickons Rebels...and a few more I have forgotten gave me an appreciation for the real community and culture of the game. People just having fun whether they win or not. Finding a similarly-sized rival and kicking each other in the nuts until they bend the knee. And then becoming frenemies. No titles, no diplomacy, no pit postings. Just a smackdown.

    The past year I ended up with Taking the Blackfish, a Tully-based alliance that was growing learning and improving and we had some great fun trying some new things. Making Barter Great Again. Nice friendly group of folks. But I was getting itchy feet when the notice came that the game was closing. I made some plans to fight and be buried with some of my old Wildling friends but was foiled by the last disastrous AvA.

    As of now, the Kickstarter is past the half-way point without even raising 1/6 of what it needs. The writing is on the wall with one week to go in the game. It's the end of an epic journey. DB made it an interesting, rarely boring and often frustrating run. But I will always have the fond memories of a half dozen open chat windows in FB and timers going off and trying to devise a newer and better strategy, bouncing ideas off the other war generals, checking and posting graphs and spreadsheets. But it's time. Time to move on to a post-GoTA life. Thanks for the memories. I wish you well.
    Daza Mistwalker
    aka Raygar

  • I just want to say I will miss this game even I had quit for a few years. It was a great time, and I will always have my memories of this forum whether it was long debates about something silly, watching drama unfold, and being a Gold Cloak.

    Thank you DB for making a great game. And thank you players for making this a great community.
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    Thank You Disruptor Beam

    I have been in this game EVERY day for 61 months, so it is not surprising that I view the end with
    considerable sadness. But, I come away with so many great memories along the way:
    As a newby, waking up extra early to empty the coffers of my counting house so I could squeeze out a little extra silver that morning; later learning I could make a FORTUNE selling stuff to the shop (I was never broke again).
    Horrified that I mistakenly sent out a Sworn Sword to FIGHT in AvA, rather than AID as intended, & the relief that followed after I explained my error to the target's leader - who then offered friendship in return.
    Feeling truly bummed out when I lost my first Sworn Sword in AvA.
    The fun playing GAME OF THRONES PICTIONARY in the forums.
    Elation when my small alliance built our first level 20 camp, after closely missing out oh so many times.
    Stunned disbelief when I hatched my 1st Dragon on my 1st attempt!
    Just some of the many memories that have me feeling so nostalgic as the sun sets...
    And above all - the many friends made along the way. Without you, the game would not have been nearly as fun as it was, so thank you one and all - past and present - for your time, support, tips, & simple day-to-day chat along the way.
    Best of luck & best wishes to you all!
    But, as someone once said, ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END...
    or as the Starks might say - WINTER IS COMING.
    Lady Fletcher

  • As part of interacting in the game, (conspiring/strategizing/ prevailing), our alliance members have become fast friends, hosting each other in various countries for memorable and real-time reunions. It’s definitely the best part of the game for me! I’ll post a picture soon.
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    Sad I couldn't finish the story. It was such an interesting game and the background music was tremendous. DB made a great choice picking "Black of Hair" as the main theme of Gota.

    Here's to Daughter Jayne, Simon Groat, Septa Eleanor, Ser Hugo, Alvyn and all the other servants. *raises mug filled with Alpha-Currant Nectar*

    Now the question is: Will Timelines suffer the same fate as Ascent some day? If so, I feel sorry for those who have spent dozens of bucks getting the characters they wanted.
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