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Breen Dukat Bonus ability not working

I have him FF/FE, and used him in every ship (except Breen Command Warship). The only ship that allows his Shield Regen ability is the Prakesh, and it never goes up when you activate him or the shield regen button (the eye looking icon)

Has anyone else noticed this? I activate him, expecting even a small jump in shield repair, and the shields are wiped out at that same time.

I may try him in one of the lesser ships in Elite or Normal mode just to check, but I fear I may destroy the ships too quickly to get to try to activate him.
I want to become a Dilionaire...


  • Hadn't noticed. But that's probably because when I activate Dukat I also press all the other buttons exept cloak and the battle is over.... ;)
  • Dukat has a cloak trigger. If you don't use him to decloak your ship, he doesn't boost your shield regen.
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