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Skirmish Event - Non-Chroniton Reward Table

The second Skirmish Event is now about over and again I enjoyed it quite a bit, but I do think that after awhile it does become a bit tiring. Getting a good loot box always is a way to pick me up and keep me going but there is obviously a bit of luck needed.

The one thing I wish/change about skirmish events would drop would be to replace the Intel drop with ship schematics. Right now at least each event has provided a new ship but there is no way to use the new ship in the event unless you purchase a lot of ship packs and get lucky with pulls. Getting 30/60 intel to me seems like a drag. If they replaced the 30/60 intel with 30/60 ship schematics with a chance at the super-rare or legendary ship I think it would be enjoyable.

It would be fun to try these new ships out but there is no incentive for me to do it. If they wanted to keep the Intel they could simply change the drop rates of credits/intel and add ships and maybe merits too.

A deeper pool of what you can get does create a bit more excitement in my opinion. During phase 2 I felt like all I was getting was intel/credits with a bit of honor occasionally.
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