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Idea: new mechanics for events

We're asking for new types of events since the very beginning, and the new Skirmish if even makes a great addition to the gameplay seems to have many aspects to improve.

So, what if instead of thinking to new kinds of events we could change how the current events impact on the gameplay?
Personally, I'm very enthusiastic when a game adds lore and plots to a greater saga.
That last message about the upcoming Dominion mega is an example (yet very minimal) of the kind of things that I like playing a game.
Those things make me speculate about the story, make me dream about characters and situations even when I'm not playing! And surely make me play even more the next time 😀

But let's get to the point, what if we could receive those kind of messages before "any" event? Furthermore, what if different players even in the same fleet receive different messages? For example one supporting a Faction (Dominion) and one supporting the opposite (Federation)?
Choosing one Faction or another should be completely random, and it should translate in having small differences through the entire event (for example some players having access to one specific Faction's side and not the other).
This mechanic should obviously offer same kind of rewards regardless of the side (for example different ranked or threshold rewards depending on the side where you've been enlisted).

I don't know if something similar is feasible, but it could add a lot of depth to the game and even lore to the saga, leading players inside the same fleet to more cooperation and gossip.
"I've been chosen to support the Dominion!"
"Wow, you could reach the rare Dreadnought schematics, I envy you!"
"But you are with the Feds, isn't it? If you rank high enough you can get the new legendary uncanon version of Resistance Deanna Troi!"

Ok, now I'm a little joking, but the idea is to add a bit of lore based differentiation to the existing mechanics, in short 🙂

My two cents!


  • Sounds like an extremely complicated addition to the program honestly. I admit the idea is entertaining, and would add some definite excitement, but I think it would also require everyone to start playing with an actual computer...

    Fun thought, but almost certainly not going to happen. 😞
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