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Giant heads!

why for the the umpteenth time can you not jut make all the heads the same size? it should not be that hard to have a standard av size , pick a size and stick with it .................a normal size not like the giant tilly head............gag


  • Remember Giant Klingon Neelix? Yea, as long as they aren't like that again then I'm ok. That was terrifying.
  • true but tilllys head is so big I can see her pores................she needs stridex
  • We also now have Buster Kim. Esssh!
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  • Yeah Giant Heads are annoying.

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    We’ve recently discovered the technology to shrink heads. However, this is dangerous, reality-threatening technology, so it won’t be rolled out immediately.

    Here’s what happens when head-shrinking technology is misused.


    We think we’ve worked out the bugs, so you can expect to see over-inflated heads drop down from the stratosphere soon(TM).

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  • Must resist using that tool on Black Pebble ..
    We likely didn't shrunk all of them so feel free to create a thread in Engineering Room for any that we may have missed.
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    The new Chapel's head is huge.
  • Data1001Data1001 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Oh, noes... looks like Captain Picard is gonna have to mount another rescue mission. Wesley's gone and gotten himself trapped in the Land of Giants. :|


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  • Please fix the tiny heads and tiny full-body portraits too (example: I can barely make out President of Earth's face).
  • Both COP Founder Archer and Picard look like cartoons with heads half the size of their torsos.
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