Prepare for the Dominion Mega-Event, "The Hand That Feeds!"

Breaking news from Starfleet Command: the Jem’Hadar have abandoned the Dominion! A sickly, diseased Founder reports that the Jem’Hadar, whom they had relied upon for protection, have simply abandoned their posts en masse, leaving the rest of the Dominion stranded or otherwise endangered across the galaxy. The Federation needs your help to save the Founders and discover what forces are behind the Jem'Hadar's shifted allegiance.

Who has enough ketracel-white to supply the Jem'Hadar? What are they planning? Is the Federation in danger? Uncover the answers in the Dominion Mega-Event, "The Hand That Feeds!" It all begins on Thursday, August 2 at noon ET (16:00 UTC).


The schedule for this month-long Mega-Event is as follows:

"New Providers" - Galaxy Event
Thursday, 08/02 - Monday, 08/06

"An Even Field" - Faction Event
Thursday, 08/09 - Monday, 08/13

"Advance Directive" - Skirmish Event
Thursday, 08/16 - Monday, 08/20

"Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit" - Hybrid Faction/Galaxy Event
Thursday, 08/23 - Monday, 08/27

Make sure to pull your Dominion crew out of Cryostasis as they will receive a bonus during all of the events in our "The Hand That Feeds" Mega-Event.

Good luck, Captains!
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