Is Dixon Hill Picard or not ?

I have immortalized the 4* Dixon Hill, and he is my favorite in-game character. I am not sure, however, if he just Picard role-playing, or actually Dixon Hill.

The fact that his attributes include Federation and Starfleet lead me to think he is Picard. The fact that he is strong in command is also suggestive, as a Private Investigator would not be expected to display this quality.

The character’s dialogue in events like The Big Sting and The Mistress in the Mirror, though, make me wonder. He acts too much like Dixon Hill, and seems to be portrayed as such in many cases. For instance, the real Picard would end the program immediately and leave the holodeck if Lwaxana Troi went missing on his watch. He also would not refer to her as “ball bustin”, as Hill did at the outset of today’s event. He seemed very nonchalant about her disappearance, as if it were a Dixon Hill mystery instead of a serious matter involving someone real to Picard.

I know I am overthinking this, but does anyone have any insights ?


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    It's Picard. If you want to make a hand-wavy excuse that he was pulled into Timelines and somehow forgot that he was in a holodeck and was pretending to be a character, I suppose that's your right, but there is an almost zero percent chance that the "real" Dixon Hill would look and sound like a middle-aged "French" Englishman.
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    He also would not refer to her as “ball bustin”, as Hill did at the outset of today’s event.

    The "ball bustin' broad" quote was directed at Emperor Georgiou (who, in all fairness, fits that description as aptly as anyone to whom that epithet has been applied). But it's still nothing that Picard — even role-playing as Dixon Hill, which he is — would ever utter.

    It's like whoever wrote that just read some old Mickey Spillane novels but never bothered to actually watch any of the Dixon Hill TNG episodes. 🙄

    Could you please continue the petty bickering? I find it most intriguing.
    ~ Data, ST:TNG "Haven"
  • Actually, and this may seem very geeky, I was hoping it was Picard. This version of Picard, as I mentioned, is my favorite character in STT. It would have have diminished my appreciation for this incarnation if it were actually Dixon Hill.

    Your reasoning on his accent and ancestry cleared things up logically. Thanks a bunch !
  • Also, I just sent a crew on an Event Mission called “ It Takes a Telepath”. In it Hill is said to enlist the help of Counselor Troi to interrogate Terran suspects using her telepathic abilities.

    The evidence is conclusive... Picard is Picard !
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    He looks like Picard. We don't know what Dixon Hill the character looks like, but he likely does not look like Patrick Stewart. Dixon Hill the character never existed on his own in Star Trek, we only ever saw Picard playing Dixon Hill.
  • Even more sound reasoning.
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    When actors play a role they also don´t talk like they would usually do. While still having all their "normal" qualities they act their part. "Dixon Hill" in this case is not supposed to talk like Picard, but like a sleazy private detective.

    Yeah, he doesn´t talk like in the episodes, but maybe he upped his roleplaying since then. Which makes sense: Cause when you play a holodeck role you are supposed to have fun, break out of the usual "regulations". And that is how I regard this: An over the top holodeck mystery.

    Cause as rightfully said: In case of a real threat this would all well be too much indeed...
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    This may definitively nail down the issue- notice that the player willing to spend money will receive 1- Picard. (See screenshot below.)
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    Some collection cards sometimes represent different characters in events. This one represents both Dixon Hill and Picard playing Dixon Hill. It looks to me that in this event it's "pure" Dixon Hill.
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    My head-cannon is that when characters are brought into Timelines through a temporal anomaly, their thinking is subtly altered so that whatever they were doing at the time becomes a 'normal' state to them. So that's why we've got a Picard who won't stop dancing, a Picard who keeps running around in Robin Hood getup, and a Picard who won't put down his damn soup. So in that case, a Picard who was playing Dixon Hill at the time he was taken would become fully committed to the bit, and thus do his best detective-noir impression.

    LOL this put the funniest images in my head of this game actually taking place. A ship full of people behaving in rediculous ways constantly... it would be hilarious.
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