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"Far Beyond the Stars: The Framing of Blackness in 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine'"

A pal of mine is a professor of African-American studies at Wayne State University, a Trekker, and a baseball fan, to boot. Awhile back, she set out to write a scholarly essay about the handling of race in DS9. Her essay was published in Journal of Popular Film and Television. She recently shared the essay with me, and I thought it was fantastic. On a personal note, it was a genuine thrill for me because at one point, she quoted me in it, which in turn means I am a quoted source in a scholarly essay on Captain Sisko. That's possibly the nerdiest thing I've ever been able to claim, and I get a kick out of that!

I can't share the essay itself, but here's the link to it on the journal's website. Access to such scholarly works is usually available to students and those who work in academia, and some public libraries also offer access to their patrons.


I do think it's safe for me to share the bit she quoted from me, though. I was discussing "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang" as a microcosm of how DS9 was the crucible for Trek, keeping it honest by calling out its own tendencies toward colorblindness as its answer to racism:
"That Benjamin Sisko can call out the whitewashing of 1962 Las Vegas but still join the fight to save Vic's, is one of the most touching showcases that Roddenberry's idealism has merit [it just] has to be reinterpreted more fairly and reasonably to reflect the truth who people are, rather than exists only when differences are downplayed and shunned."

Also, if any of you other nerds write for peer-reviewed journals, I would adore being quoted about DS9 again. O:)


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