Event idea: Pets Paradise.

Crew and their pets and/or animal companions is the essence of the idea. Fans would love to add Data's cat, Spot or Archer's dog, Porthos (both prime and mirror universe variants). Other captains, crews, and characters were known to have pets or creatures (especially in Phlox's case, and certainly the Klingons).
It'd be a light hearted break from the regular events and who wouldn't want to compete to add a 5* Spot or Porthos even if they were just a 4* to their crew. Prime universe Porthos caused a diplomatic incident with Archer subjected to a humiliating apology, Apologetic Archer would make a great card itself.


  • Secret JourneySecret Journey ✭✭✭✭
    Kirk’s dog Butler would be 5*
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  • What about young Spock’s Sehlat ?
  • Much as I personally love this idea I am wondering how you would even manage to fit skills and traits to pets? Maybe I'm just not imaginative enough 😟
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  • FlemmingFlemming ✭✭✭✭✭
    I'm not a fan of this idea, (I'm more akin to having major character cards that feature the pet in the art) but it is feasible.
    Each week's event would feature main characters, but would introduce a 2* pet. (Probably one skill, usually DIP or SEC, depending on the type of pet)

    It would be an event for collectors, not strategists.
    (Could even inspire a Pet collection in the Cryochamber)
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  • Might be a decent way to get new 1 stars.
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