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Limited Time Offer Packs Improvements

This evening I was looking forward to the Limited Time Offer pack. If the pack was right then I would have bought it. It turned out to be £99.99 for 30 x Premium packs, 1500 dilithium, 500,000 credits and 3000 chronitrons. It's not the type of offer I'm after so I won't be buying it. What's unfortunate is that I didn't get what I want and DB didn't make any money when they could have so lose lose. Is there a way that we can start to get more bespoke offers based on what we actually want or failing that a wider range of offers when the limited time offers come up?

There was a time six months ago or so where there were regular deals for around £30 for 30 premium packs. That I would buy. Personally, I have no interest in paying money for chronitrons or credits and I am far more likely to buy a deal on premium packs than dilithium so I can harvest the honor and any potential legendaries, as I have all super rares. Please DB can you find a way to tailor offers to better suit us or give us a wider range?
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