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[IPA] Inner Planets Alliance

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Greeting to all!

Welcome to the Inner Planets Alliance!

We are an exciting fleet, looking for new cadets, level 30 and up, to join our adventure. Experienced captains are more then welcome to join our family as well. Our fleet requirements are minimal, and we are a group that prioritizes having fun over everything else.

Our Starbase is currently at Level 90 (8/20/18) and growing fast. We have a solid core of experienced officers who are happy to share their wisdom, and a fleet chat where we laugh, discuss strategy, post our achievements, and encourage each other to be our best.

There are no minimum spending requirements or Starbase refresh requirements. That being said, it is our opinion that the monthly card is the biggest game changer in town, and we highly recommend it.

We have a small list of requirements:

1. We use Line Messenger to communicate. It is a fun, anonymous, easy to use chat client, which lets us communicate much more effectively than the in-game chat.

2. Please communicate with the officer corps if you will be absent from the game for more than 4 days.

3. There are no requirements regarding event participation, other than communicating your intentions each week in Line Chat.

4. Place the “ [IPA] ” fleet tag before your player name, as well as any squad name you might create.

5. Our chats can lean towards the raucous side, so please be over 18 years old.

Most important rule of all: No drama, and be respectful to everyone. We’re all here to have fun.

I am the fleet training officer, and offer one-on-one training for every captain in our fleet, to help reach their full potential. This is optional; there is no pressure to do so.

If interested, please message me directly on Line Messenger. My LineID is: JMS899. You may also reply to this post directly.

Thank you all and Qapla!

“Play Fair, Play Hard, but MOST of all, Play for FUN!”


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    StarBase Level 88 soon to 90 ! (Two more rooms compleatting in the next Day) LL&P
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    IPA StarBase Level 90 !
    🖖 as of Earth Date 08-14-2018
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    StarBase is Level 90 and [IPA] is looking to fill 5 resently opened seats, we will happily except a whole Squadron or Individual Player Level 30 and above as space is available.
    LL&P ~Christoff
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    Fleet Inner Planets Alliance [IPA] consistently places in the Top 100 or Better in Events.
    With Your addition [IPA] will continue to Reach for the Stars.
  • We hit all daily targets and are focused on growing our starbase. Our fleet has social, chatty players as well as those that quietly deliver every event.

    We have openings for individuals, or if you have a squad looking for a new home, we are very welcoming.

    If you have questions, please post them, or send in a DM.

    Our fleet motto is "Play Fair, Play Hard but MOST of all, PLAY for FUN!" And we do...come join the fun.
    Admiral of Inner Planets Alliance
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    StarBase Level 91 ! & continuing to Level Up ↑↑↑ - Come Join IPA and help Us Grow even Faster ! 🖖 ~Commodore Christoff
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    StarBase Level 92 ! & continuing to Level Up ↑↑↑ - Event Finish 47 !
    Come Join IPA and help Us Grow even Faster ! ~Commodore Christoff
  • hqac3kem1j7o.png
    StarBase Level 93 ! & continuing to Level Up ↑↑↑ - Event Ranking as if Sunday 9/2 @ 7:00 pm EST... 64 ! ... Go IPA !
    Come Join IPA and help Us Grow even Faster ! ~Commodore Christoff
  • Still looking for active daily players. Please ask if you have any questions.
    Admiral of Inner Planets Alliance
  • Our starbase is now at level 96. Come join us!
    Admiral of Inner Planets Alliance
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