CLOSED: Confirmation of crew added to Voyages 15/Aug/2018

[10F] Belle'Anna [10F] Belle'Anna ✭✭✭✭✭
edited August 2018 in The Bridge
Full confirmation of the new super-rares dropping from Voyages, from player participation. Thanks everyone for your input and thanks DB for making the portal update smooth and effective!

C.O.P. Founder Archer
Commander Chapel
Friar Tuck Data
Mirror Jadzia Dax
Prospect Michael Burnham
Time Loop Mudd
First Officer Saru
Reinforcements Stamets
Lt. Ash Tyler
Torchbearer Voq
Mirror Janeway
Mirror Mayweather
Klingon O'Brien
Tourist Quark
Tsunkatse Seven
Ambassador Shras
Commander Thelin
Gabriel Bell
Commander Ellen Landry
Anbo-jyutsu Riker
Lieutenant Tarah
Mirror Geordi La Forge
Graduation Michael Burnham
Dr. Gillian Taylor
Mirror Vic Fontaine
Duelist Yar
Celebratory Ash Tyler
Armed Philippa Georgiou
Tactical Michael Burnham
Bajoran Dukat
Mother Horta
Buster Kincaid Kim



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