Suggestions on alternate change to Polywater Yar's ship ability

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I think most everyone agrees, the ability as it came out was pretty powerful. But, she did not prove to be the unbeatable monster in Arena that everyone said. Her offense was not a 100% guaranteed win on my end, and I lost rank often enough to say she was beatable with a 5/5, 1/5, 1/5 triple Yar K'Tong.

Rather than just balancing her by taking a sword and cutting her head off, I hope DB would be listening to alternate ( less drastic ) balancing changes. Please feel free to add any suggestions, and I'll edit my post to include them.

1. Keep all of the original stats, but change her attack from 2 seconds to 6 seconds to Rival Captain Killy
2. Change her scaling damage to match Scientist Degra: 0s 150% / 4s 250% / 10s 400%
3. Increase her base stats and/or proficiency stats to make her comparable to a top 10 Voyage or Gauntlet crew. She is currently 90th and 126th in those two rankings.
4. Change her back to her original form, and change ship battles to only allow one copy of any given crew
5. Polywater banned from arena and left as she was.

If it's possible to make this crew still desirable, maybe all of the refund / exchanges can be avoided. Hopefully DB will read this, and decide on an early edit to their previous balancing change.


  • I really hope that they do the first, that is a “rebalance”
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  • Excellent suggestions. Just make her a first tier Arena choice and most people will be happier. I do not know what the engineers were thinking here. She went from top five ship battle crew to a candidate for the airlock.
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    For me I felt this error was planned. This came up just before a Skirmish. That ship ability would sell. I also felt they planned to rebalance (NERF) right after the megaevent was over.

    If any you felt this was an error and not planned, why did you not PM Shan and let her know.
  • i don’t think it was planned. It’s just another example as to what happens when testing isn’t done or thought given to new characters development. With new crew flooding in every week there will always be this kind of thing happening. The pace needs to slow down but never will. Now if you want to see something actually intentional look at the packs with desired crew. They always are surrounded by a bunch of crap other crew.
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    I am probably in a small minority but I would have no problem with Polywater being banned from arena and left as she was.
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