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v6.0.0 is live!

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Greetings, Captains!

Version 6.0.0 of STAR TREK TIMELINES is now live! Be aware that it could take up to 24 hours for it to propagate to all app stores/platforms. For Facebook/Gameroom the update will be automatic.

This update contains new features and changes some of which will be available immediately after having updated, while others will go live at a later time.

Features and changes available on 09/04

- Addition of tutorials for Battle Arena, and Skirmish Events

- Battle Arena Rewards: for each division the upcoming rewards for the next 3 months will now be displayed in the Leaderboards and Rewards section!

- More rewards from new ad placements (not available on Facebook, Steam, and Amazon):
Episodes and Distress Calls: watch an ad to double the rewards from an Away mission or a Space battle mission.

Features and changes available on 09/11
(once all players are on v6.0 - this will require a forced upgrade)

- Introducing a brand new Starbase Room: the Reclamator!
An eagerly awaited improvement for active fleets, this new room allows fleet members to spend their excess starbase components to receive valuable replicator rations and unlock daily donation rewards.

- Battle Arena Changes: new ship abilities have been added, and the Cloak ability has been improved. More details on this in a separate communique.

- A new planet can be found on the Galaxy Map, let us know once you discover it!

- Addition of a new Achievement for Captains choosing a name for themselves!

Update 09/11: All features are now live, additional information can be viewed here.

Thank you for playing!

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