2500+ Rounds of Gauntlet Data

1000+ Thread with a detailed explanation of this data:

Link to the ever-growing data set:

I don't have the time this evening to put together an elaborate post. There actually isn't anything salacious or exciting at all. The only thing that appears to be a sort of outlier in any of the data is the observed 25% crit rate from fatigued crew is incredibly low (running in ~2.5 percentile).

Intervals have all tightened since the last update. Previously, the "player 25% crit" rolls were running a bit on the low side (8th percentile). That caught back up to the 25th percentile before edging back recently to closer to the 11th percentile. While this might sound bad, we're literally talking about 24.18% player vs 25.41% opponent observed crits for "25%" rolls. If there is a bias (which I doubt there is) it is small and doesn't manifest in the form of lower-than-expected win rates.

If you would like to contribute rounds, you can email your iampicard exports to [email protected] There are detailed instructions on how to contribute back a few threads that I've linked above. But, basically, run the iampicard tool for gauntlet, export to CSV, and email it to me and I'll add it to the compilation.
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