Recruiting Fleet Members 9 spots open fleet rank 462

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STARFLEET ACADEMY0M needs 9 spots filled. Fleet rank 462, starbase LVL 70. Captian rank of 20 will get you in. looking for players that will contribute daily.


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    Greetings! I'm the Admiral of the Fleet called the 'Galactic Scientific Research Alliance' in the game Star Trek: Timelines! I'm looking for people to join my Fleet! I have 49 spots open! I'm looking to expand my Fleet! Of course, you would have to apply to join my Fleet, but the only rules in the Fleet are: to be kind and respectful to others, to be active, and to have fun! The Fleet is an exciting and fun Fleet to be in! They are no restrictions to join! All you got to do is apply to join my Fleet, and I'll look at your join request, and I'll accept it! So come join a Fleet that's fun and exciting, and works great together! Live long and prosper! 🖖🏻
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