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Controversies of Discovery and Picard tie-in

Watch this video, very informative.
Can't believe how greed & stupidity can kill a good thing that brings millions joy in their lives along with hope for the future.


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    Just saw this article today that can answer the question in the video about CBS exec Les. 9/9/2018. YEAH!
    Hopefully ST can be saved!🤞
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    Maybe it's time ST took a break if Discovery is in that big of trouble and Mooves was the visionary.
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    Pallidyne wrote: »
    Maybe it's time ST took a break if Discovery is in that big of trouble and Mooves was the visionary.

    Mooves is out! Thank God! Remember in the video and it wasn't a big secret, he hated sci-fi shows and never really liked Discovery to begin with. Hopefully whoever CBS puts at the helm will have more vision than Hooves ever did.
    Just have to get past the other minor crap like the Tradigrades lawsuit.
    Can't wait for Picard to come back and with the new CBS CEO it will be givin more freedom.
  • My honest opinion? NO to any sort of crossover. Discovery destroys everything it touches.
  • That was painful to watch. Gene R. is rolling in his grave right now. Discovery is NOT the problem, and could easily stand on it's own, if we get control over the ridiculous politics and money-grubbing idiots.

    Kurtzman is even worse part of the problem IMHO, more so than Moonves, since he was the person mostly responsible for killing Star Trek Prime timeline in the movies. (MY apologies to JJ for thinking it was him this whole time!)

    If they would just get control over the licensing and get it all back under one roof (preferably Paramount/New Viacom) then at least things could move forward, and maybe they could release all the new ST series on broadcast TV instead of pay-service, and actually get better ratings!
    I want to become a Dilionaire...
  • It's so ironic that Star Trek fans are being called all these names when Star Trek itself has historically been one of the most progressive series of all time.
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