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Server Release Notes 09/11

Greetings, Captains,

With today's server release the following changes have gone live:

- v6.0.0. is now required to play the game
- A new planet can be found on the Galaxy Map, feel free to scout it out, it will be worth the trip. We are happy to announce that this new planet will be the destination of choice for an upcoming new Distress Call!
- 2 new rooms have been added to Starbases and will provide 2 different types of Replicator Rations
- The "Change your captain name" achievement is now live, if you had already chosen a name for yourself Commanding Officer Sisko 1/3 will be ready to join your crew immediately. Reminder: if you were already logged in prior to the server release, the achievement will only be visible the next day.
- Addition of the traits "Voq" and "Klingon" to all versions of Ash Tyler
- Four new ship abilities have been added to the game, this should spice things up in Battle Arena.

The new abilities are:
•••• Interrupt Shield Modulation: temporarily drops your enemy’s shields to 0.
•••• Overcharge: reduces all of your ship’s and crew's cooldowns.
•••• Electroplating: temporarily reduces hull damage
•••• Damage Reflection: a portion of all incoming damage will be reflected back to the attacker (this does not apply to Boarding damage which affects the hull, not shields)

Updated Ships:

•• Borg Sphere
Shield Disruptor added to “Remodulate Scanning Frequencies”
•• Hirogen Hunter
Overcharge added to “Dicyclic Warp Signatures”
•• Klingon K’Vort Bird of Prey
Reflect Damage added to “Adjust Tritium Intermix”
•• Suurok Class Combat Cruiser
Shield Interrupt added to “Particle Beam”

•• Cardassian Galor Cruiser
Shield Disruptor added to “Decode Enemy Transponder”
•• Constitution Class Ship
Overcharge added to “Rotate Warp Nacelles”
•• Defiant Class Ship
Reflect Damage added to “Activate Ready Reserves”
•• Intrepid Class
Shield Disruptor added to “Deploy Gravimetric Torpedoes”
•• NX-Class
Electroplating added to “Repolarize Hull”

•• Hirogen Warship
Electroplating added to “Monotanium Armor Plating”
•• ISS Avenger
Reflect Damage added to “Emergency Tactics”
•• USS Enterprise 1701
Shield Disruptor added to “Configure Phaser Array”

•• Andorian Battlecruiser Kumari
Added Electroplating to “Tactical Maneuvers”
•• Borg Cube
Added brand new ability “Assimilation” which provides +1 Evasion and Shield Disruptor
•• D’Kora Krayton
Overcharge added to “Power Surge”
•• HMS Bounty
Reflect Damage added to “Adjusted Tritium Intermix”
•• ISS Enterprise 1701
Electroplating added to “Rotate Warp Nacelles”
•• NX-01 Enterprise
Electroplating added to “Deflector Pulse”
•• Prakesh
Reflect Damage added to “Reorient Gyro Shielding”
•• USS Shenzhou
Shield Disruptor added to “Vulcan Hello”

We are looking forward to your feedback on these changes, thanks for playing!


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